The above works are collages, 12” x 12” paper on paper


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Rebecca Odessa

Rebecca was born and raised in New Zealand and now lives in Ramsey. She grew up hearing wonderful stories about the Isle of Man from her mother and Grandfather who were both born in the same house in Peel. Her family returned to the Island in the late 90’s and Rebecca – who was at University at the time – followed some years later, after travelling and living in Sydney. She has a degree in Religious Studies and is a painter, collage artist and writer. She is also a qualified Massage Therapist and runs her own practice.

“Although painting is my first love and raison d’être, I also have a great fondness for making collages. I love the whole process, from finding the pictures, cutting them out and arranging the composition. There’s only one thing I’m not too keen on…and that’s the gluing – which is ironic, because the word collage is French for: to stick.

Apart from the gluing, collage is a wonderful art form; personally, I find it relaxing and a nice break from the rigours of painting. In 2015 I took a course in collage at the Slade School of Art in London. The course was excellent and challenged me to explore new ways of making pictures using collage.”

You can view Rebecca’s various collage projects here:

Rebecca writes a personal blog, which often has art content:

She also writes a monthly article for The Wisdom Daily – an online American Magazine which covers politics, art, spirituality, relationships, psychology etc.