We are pleased to announce the eighth edition of the Manx Wearable Art Live Catwalk Show 2017. This is a biennial event on the Isle of Man. You will see the most exciting and innovative fusion of art, fashion and theatre come alive, modelled in a catwalk performance. At least 40 outfits will be paraded in front of an audience of approximately 150, a full capacity audience, at the Youth Arts Centre, in Kensington Road, Douglas.

“Whether you have a flair for fashion or a passion for the arts we would like to hear from you”, said event organiser Doreen Dixon, “We have seen some fantastic outfits made from all sorts of materials over the years and we are hoping that this year we can attract the best yet!”
Event organiser Sue Robinson says: “People invest a large amount of time, effort and talent into their designs and we are pleased that we can display them live on the catwalk at our Manx Wearable Art Show this year. We are also pleased to support the Youth Arts Centre which offers such great facilities for creative minds on the Island.”
Wearable Art was started in New Zealand in 1987 and the Manx version has been held every other year since 2005. Local businesses, charities, college students, independent groups and individuals have all contributed outfits in the past, using fibre, fabric, paper, wood, metal, rubber, plastic, flotsam and all kinds of recycled goods. It only needs to be strong enough to survive the catwalk and striking enough to enhance the show!

As an additional incentive selected items from the catwalk will be chosen to form part of a static display during this year’s IOM Art Festival from 4th – 6th May.

Fiona Helleur, Head of Youth Arts at the Youth arts Centre, commented
 “The secret of the success of the Youth Arts Centre is its diversity in all it does. YAC staff search for the different, unique and the interesting to keep its 500+ members happy during the 32 different sessions it offers weekly in performing and visual arts.”
Tickets for the live catwalk show will be on sale at £6.00 each from the Youth Arts Centre, telephone 07624 437339. If you would like more information please check out the event page on Facebook or contact Sue, Doreen or Myra on 842592/842433.

 The event is self-funded with all profits donated to the Youth Arts Centre

f:   Wearable Art on the Isle of Man
If you would like more information or to arrange interviews and/or photo opportunities, please contact either

Sue Robinson on 842592 or Doreen Dixon on 842433 or
Myra Gilbert E: myragilbert@manx.net 

Come and see our wearable art in action!

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