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Isle of Man Art News – 25 April 2016


The sun has blessedly been shining on the beautiful Isle of Man this last week and although it hasn’t managed to warm up yet, it certainly helps to lift the spirits and breathe some much needed vigour into winter weary souls. Along with the sunshine there is all sorts of activity going on in the Isle of Man Art world with new exhibitions being opened, the upcoming Isle of Man Art Festival next weekend and people gearing up for TT (excuse the pun).

minilogoSome photography news which many of you will have caught in the Courier this week is that Sue Blythe won the Best Digital Image and Best Natural History Image in the Isle of Man Photographic Society’s annual competition. It really is a fabulous picture so many congratulations.


minilogoStaying with photography, the Bebington Salon of Photography sponsored by the Isle of Man Photographic Society is the last official event in the Society’s calendar and is scheduled for this Wednesday, 27 April at 7.30pm. It is a ‘national’ standard’ exhibition of over 400 images and will be presented by Bob Dennis at Thie Ellyn (the Arts Society building in Withington Road).  Chris Blythe reports that at least one of the Society’s members has had images accepted for the Salon and it is expected these images will be included in the evening’s presentation.

The images being shown are all of the highest quality, and will excite, inspire, stimulate, and intrigue anyone with an interest in the visual arts and of course, especially photography. To cover costs, there will be an entry charge to members and non-members of £2 each – a very modest cost for what will be an excellent and highly entertaining evening.  It is an open event – members and non-members, family and friends – and all will be given a very warm welcome.


minilogo‘Drawn Steel’
, the new Exhibition at The Sayle Gallery has had some fantastic reviews. So far I haven’t had a chance to get along and see it but intend to do so this week. Rob Smith kindly posted a great picture (shown below) which I hope will whet your appetite enough to go and see it in person. It will definitely be worth your while as you are in for a double treat – Julian Simmonds’ ‘Art of Darkness‘ exhibition is also on until 22 May. Click on the photographs to view them in the Lightbox.


minilogoEveryone is super-busy getting ready for the Isle of Man Art Festival next weekend. If you haven’t already got your wristbands and guide I do suggest getting them in advance so that you can plan out your route. I have two willing companions for Saturday and another two for Sunday. I’m hoping I can fit it all in over the two days so that I can have a day off on Monday before going back to the day job on Tuesday. In particular, do note that Eileen Schaer’s studio is only open on the Saturday, so if you would particularly like to visit her then plan accordingly.

Isle of Man Art Festival 2016 entry wristbands are available from the following locations:

Noa Bakehouse, Douglas
The Welcome Centre at the Sea Terminal, Douglas
The Sayle Gallery, Douglas
The House of Manannan, Peel
Thompson Travel, Port Erin
Studio 42, Port St Mary
presence of Mann, Laxey

Sally Black has published a new post on her Blog about preparations for the Art Festival and the series of miniatures she has produced for the weekend (which I am sure will be dry if she puts her paintbrush down) and also kindly gave the Directory a mention – thanks Sally! I for one am really looking forward to seeing her new work and I think it will be one of the ‘must see’s’ in a lot of people’s catalogues.

Katy Mitchell has posted up a few photographs of her lovely ceramics which I’m a bit reluctant to share with you in case you go and buy them all before I get a chance to get there on the Sunday, but hey-ho, I guess she will be making more! So here you go….  aren’t they gorgeous?

N.B. Do take along your cheque book and/or cash as many artists don’t have the facilities to take card payments.


minilogoThe Art Reach ladies at The Isle Gallery have announced their new series of Adult Workshops. I’ve updated the calendar with all of the workshops that have dates and will update the the two events with dates yet to be fixed in due course. You can check out all of the options and book on The Isle Gallery Website. They look really great and cater for all abilities, so I am going to book one to see if I can expand my creative ability beyond drawing stick people. I just need to decide which one….. Here are a few of the options.


minilogoThere have been a few new Artist pages added to the Directory over the past couple of weeks. The one’s to check out if you haven’t already had a look at them are: Hebe Atzori; Jelena Benson, Element.isle, Rebecca Odessa, Daniel Price, Henry Sayle, and Julia Ashby Smyth. A very warm welcome to them all.

On a personal note, I would just like to say a huge thank you to everyone I have met and talked to so far, interacted with and listed on the Directory. Everyone has been really welcoming, friendly and supportive and I’m extremely grateful to you all for your positive and helpful contributions, comments and suggestions. It’s my very great pleasure to work with you.

Finally, here is a round-up of some of the images posted on Social Media this week. Enjoy.


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Isle of Man Art News – 18 April 2016

svetlana-cameron-Portrait of Richard Sowler2

I do hope you are enjoying these Isle of Man Art News updates – I’m getting lots of positive feedback so far but please feel free to comment at the end of this post. We have such amazing talent on the Island but for all that the Manx grapevine generally works pretty well it can be hard for Artists to get their work in front of the right audience (that’s you, folks). So please do keep following and sharing and telling all your friends and colleagues about the Manx Art Directory, because the more people who know about it, the more useful it will be and the more likely our fabulous Artists are going to be able to keep doing what they do best. If you would like to help me to do this by sponsoring the News please do get in touch: (tel 450997).

minilogoFirst up – well known Isle of Man Artist, Juan Moore, is busy beavering away as he has a solo exhibition at the Isle Gallery coming up this summer. You can keep up with what Juan is up to by following his Instagram page, but for now, here are a few pictures of work in progress. (You can click on any of the pictures in the News updates to see them in more detail).



The Isle of Man Arts Council is offering to help promote arts events or activities for children during the TT holidays. They are working on a ‘What’s On Where’ poster for the TT school holidays aimed at young people aged between 5 and 18. The poster will promote arts events and activities happening around the island during the holidays. The poster will be distributed to all the island schools, libraries and youth clubs/projects. If you’d like your event to be included on this poster all you need to do is forward the following information to Kieran Moore at by Friday 29th April:

– The name of the event/activityisle-of-man-arts-council-logo
– The target age group
– Where and when it will be held
– The price per person
– Contact details for booking (telephone number or email address)


minilogoThe first IOM Acapella Festival is happening in September 2016. Each year a local artist will be commissioned to design and create 6 trophies and approximately 100 medals for participants in any suitable medium and style. The trophies cover awards including vocal ability, vocal arrangement, stage presence, strongest song choice and best performance from a choir and soloist. The medals will be presented to all participants as a souvenir of the competition. Louisa Thomas, Creative Director of the Festival, would like to hear from local artists who can design hand-finished pieces with musical inspiration and a contemporary twist. She will need an idea of what the trophies and medals will look like, how you have represented a contemporary and innovative musical style and what kind of price you will charge for the commission.



minilogoThe Directory now has a Twitter account: @manxart, and was featured on the ‘Women Today’ programme on Manx Radio when I was invited to go on the show last Tuesday. Hats off to Beth Espey, Christy DeHaven and Jo Pack – they are so professional and make it look so easy! I had to have two cups of tea and a lie down after the show to recover 🙂   Jo was unfortunately not there on Tuesday – get well soon Jo.


minilogoElaine Edge got in touch to let me know that she has this fabulous mosaic, Archibald Knox inspired, cross for sale. It was made for Tynwald Day with the help of local school children but sadly has not been installed anywhere. Elaine tells me that she has had it in conservatory for 2 years now, awaiting a home.  As you can see, it’s not exactly little (about 8ft tall by 3ft wide). It was supposed to be installed in a public space and I think it would look amazing as the centre piece in a large foyer, hotel lobby, conservatory, private swimming pool, cafe, restaurant…… you get the idea. If you can think of someone who might be interested in this piece please pass this on or put them in touch with me for more details: (or phone 450997).


minilogoKate Jerry announced that her studio will be open during the Isle of Man Art Festival, and along with the launch of new artwork, she will  also be releasing dates of the new season of adult art workshops at the Isle Gallery – along with artists Anna Clucas and Colette Gambell. I think I might just enrol on one of those myself since my artistic prowess extends no further than drawing stick figures! Do check out the Creative Network’s Facebook Page and their Website where you can find information on some of the Artists who will be participating in the Isle of Man Art Festival over the May bank holiday weekend.

Wrist bands and guides for the Festival are now available to purchase before the Festival via Noa Bakehouse, the Welcome Centre at the Sea Terminal and The Sayle Gallery in Douglas, The House of Manannan in Peel, Presence of Mann in Laxey, Studio 42 in Port St Mary and Thompson Travel in Port Erin. During the event, you can also buy them at the Corrin Hall and Artists’ studios.


minilogoI finally had a chance to go and have a look at Milen Stankov’s ‘Portrait of Mann’ exhibition which is currently on in Ramsey Town Hall, and I’m so glad I did. It’s a beautiful series of portrait photographs, some very formal and some not so formal, but all of them capture the essence of their subject. What I particularly liked was the brief biography of each person; in those biographies, there was commonality – that the Manx people are welcoming, good-hearted people and that the Isle of Man is a pretty good place to live. But we know that already don’t we? It’s why we live here 🙂  Milen announced that because there has been a lot of interest in the exhibition it has been extended to 19 April, so you’ve still got a chance to see it if you hurry.


Phil Kneen having returned from Japan, made a one-day pit-stop and is now travelling on a 2,200 mile journey through Norway and Sweden. Here is a link to his Blog which I think many of you would very much enjoy, and below a few recent photographs of Lofoten, Norway, from his current travels.

minilogoSvetlana Cameron is a member of the expert jury of the European Art Week project for the 2016 season and will be judging an art competition in Ukraine this month. She also hinted that she has an Isle of Man exhibition coming up in July – more details to follow in due course. Last month Keystone Law celebrated the launch of their Isle of Man office. Svetlana exhibited her artworks at an exclusive reception at Laureston Manor in Douglas attended by nearly 180 guests and was very grateful to her clients who allowed her to borrow their portraits for the display.

This busy lady also posted up photographs of two of her latest works, ‘Charlie’ and ‘Portrait of Richard Sowler’. I think you’ll agree they are pretty impressive.


minilogoAnd finally, here is a round-up of some of the images posted on social media this week. Enjoy.


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Isle of Man Art News – 11 April 2016


‘RED’ Exhibition at Studio 42, Port St. Mary

I headed South of Douglas for the second time in just over a week (foreign territory for a Northern girl!) to the opening of RED, an exhibition of works in progress by three young artists; Rebekah Corlett, Erin Dimelow and Daniel Price. The exhibition features a selection of experimental work from each artists’ developing practice.

Rebekah’s project, ‘Continued Silence’ is based on secrets and a hesitation to speak one’s mind. The beads are representative of Morse Code, an idea that I found both attractive in its execution and an appealing notion. Erin was a bit shy about me taking her photograph so I have included a photo of one of her pieces of work instead. She talked very eloquently about her love of working in the dark room and experimenting with different techniques. Look out for Daniel too – he has a page coming soon on the Directory and his atmospheric forest paintings are very striking.


Nicola Dixon has been studying the ancient crosses of the Island. It is thought there is a language to the symbols that has been lost. As well as the complex knot work and interlace, Nicola has been looking for individual designs from them that she can use in some way. Whilst Nicola says she isn’t sure where to go with these yet, I think it’s safe to say that we like them. 

Nicola has also been working on her Archibald Knox schools project. The simple knot, one of the simplest elements of Celtic knot work is often seen in a knotted snake on Manx crosses. Here are some of her variations on a knot, freely drawn, using a limited colour palette to keep unity.  Nicola hasn’t used alizarin crimson much over the years but says she has enjoyed using it here and that it is a good way of familiarising herself with how it mixes. 



Manx Art Directory gets a Front Page Ranking in Google!

minilogoThe website last week made it onto the first page in Google rankings when you search for ‘Manx Art’. On the face of it you might think ‘well that’s nice’ but what it means is that for all of the Artists I have listed, they too now have a first page ranking in Google – something that is a lot more difficult to achieve if you are just trying to get your own website seen using common search terms. I’m seeing traffic coming to the website from around the world and also click-through’s to Artist websites which is really exciting and hopefully the catalyst for an increase in worldwide sales for them!

More Directory news – I’m going to be on Manx Radio on Tuesday afternoon, being interviewed about the website on the ‘Women Today’ programme! Do tune in if you get the chance – it’s on at 2.00 pm hosted by Christy DeHaven.


‘Just Under the Surface’ the exhibition at the Market Hall in Douglas that I reported on last week, closes tomorrow. Helen Fox’s erosion work was a great success and delighted many people when it ‘eroded’ on Saturday.




There’s a new exhibition on at The Sayle Gallery. ‘The Art of Darkness’ by Julian Simmonds represents his visual exploration of the night sky and the many ‘Dark Sky’ sites located around the Island. Beautifully setting Manx landmarks and landscapes against the dramatic scenery in the sky above, this collection of photographs details over 18 months of Julian’s practice, and the countless night-time expeditions that he has undertaken to achieve this new body of work.

‘The Art of Darkness’ runs from 8th April until 22nd May 2016.



Jeremy Paul’s ‘Enforcer’ – Masai Mara Lion 28×18″ – has been selected as a finalist in the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year – exhibition at the Mall Galleries, London June 27th-July 2nd. Isn’t he lovely? Jeremy also posted up on Social Media one of his latest finished paintings, ‘Wisteria and Chaffinch’.


Milen Stankov’s ‘Portrait of Mann’ exhibition which was previously on at the Strand Shopping Centre is now on at Ramsey Town Hall until 16 April so if you missed it the first time round this is a great chance to see it again. Do pop in if you are in Ramsey – I’m sure you will recognise most of the faces!



minilogoThere are three new pages on the Directory this week – Rebecca Odessa, Andrea Callow and Henry Sayle. Here is a sample of their work. You can see Rebecca’s work a the ‘Inspiration’ exhibition which is on now until 16 April at the Hodgeson Loom Gallery and I very much recommend it. I don’t think the photographs I have of her work on the website really do it justice.


The Isle of Man Art Festival is fast approaching. Make sure you clear your diary for the Bank Holiday weekend 30 April -2 May. There’s such a lot on it’s just as well there are 3 days to see it all. Wristbands and Guides are now available and at Noa Bakehouse and the Sea Terminal Welcome Centre. Entrance to studios, demonstrations and exhibition venues over all three days is £3 for adults, which includes a free festival guide. Students will receive a concessional rate of £2 and everyone under 18 goes free! This is such a great price you can afford to take the whole family with you, as well as a few friends and anyone else you can squeeze in the car! In fact, why not just get the bus….



And finally, here is a round up of some of the great images posted on Social Media this week. 


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