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Isle of Man Art News – 25 February 2019

Hello Art Lovers! It’s a bit quiet a present and there’s not much to report in the way of current shows – although Helen Hughes’s gorgeous abstracts are still being exhibited at Isle Contemporary at Tynwald Mills. We sadly no longer have the Sayle Gallery of course but on the bright side the Hodgson Loom gallery is currently having some building work done which, by the sound of it, will imporve the layout for both John’s loom and provide additional space for artists’ work to be displayed and sold (hurrah!).

Julia told me “The big metal loom will still be there (Tis the only known example of its kind left in the world). But should look better. The staircase end will become a small showcase gallery shop for different artists and different mediums, and the main exhibition area remains as is, possibly a bit more colour added!”. I look forward to seeing it in the near future.

In the meantime I’ve been busy getting organised for the Creative Network’s annual Art Festival coming up over the May Bank Holiday weekend and I’m really excited to have some fabulous artists lined up to show their work at The Engine House. Juan Moore, Anna Clucas, Petrina Kent, Rebecca Odessa and Daniel Price will all be exhibiting. It will be a selection of some older pieces as well as plenty of new work. The exhibition will be open to the public from 10am to 4pm daily over the Bank Holiday weekend and thereafter from 11am – 2pm Monday to Friday and 11.00am to 3pm Saturdays and Sundays. There will be a preview of the show on 2nd May from 7pm – 9pm, all welcome, and the exhibition will run until the end of May.

Rebecca Odessa will be displaying her work at the Hodgson Loom Gallery in Laxey and also a small selection along with Michael Starkey at The Courthouse in Ramsey. The pieces below are a small selection of her gorgeous new paintings – I will have some of her recent collage work at The Engine House.

Steve Babb posted up these rather stunning photographs of the Laxey Wheel. I particularly like seeing our heritage portayed in different ways and these definitely tick that box – for me at any rate.

Staying with rather awesome photography, Mike Radcliffe has been adding to his spectacular series of wave shots. When I was chatting to him a couple of months ago he told me that he’s found his ideal location and he knows when the tides and weather conditions are just about perfect but as yet he hasn’t captured what he deems to be ‘the perfect shot’. If these are anything to go by then I’m very much looking forward to seeing what Mike considers to be ‘the perfect shot’.

UCM this week posted up congratulations to former student Bethany Williams, who was recently awarded the Queen Elizabeth the Second Award for Design at London Fashion Week. Bethany’s clothing line is designed around sustainable fashion. You can read more about Bethany here. Huge congratulations to her – what an amazing achievement.

Staying with awesome designers, the Manx duo behind the fasion label Preen by Thornton Bregazzi released their Autumn/Winter collection at London Fasion Week. Check it out here.

Juan Moore has been up to his ears in design work recently. He’s produced this new logo for Clever Unicorn Games and is about to start work on a significant local commission. He’s also sold the original of the Dungeons and Dragons cover I mentioned a couple of weeks ago to an overseas collector which is great news. Nice one Juan.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Juan’s two nieces the other day, Sally Ann and Sophie. Sally Ann is a keen photographer and has an Instagram page called Sally_Snaps. I think her photos are really good, expecially considering she’s just shy of 12 years old. Her sister Sophie sometimes acts as her model and is a keen dancer and I can safely say they both like hot chocolate. Give her page a follow, I’m sure she will appreciate it.

I was surprised and delighted to get a message from Anna Clucas on Saturday afternoon saying to expect a wallaby. Not the message you generally expect to get everyday I guess but now that the artist selections have been made for the Wallabies Gone Wild project the artists have around 8 weeks to get them painted. The wallaby is now happily in residence sharing Anna and Juan’s studio at The Engine House – you might have seen Mike Wade’s recent article in the Examiner about their shared studio space.

I thought this photograph by Simon Park was stunning (I absolutely love the colours) so although I don’t have a lot to say about it, I just wanted to give it a spot in the news as I think it deserves it. I guess it falls into the same category I mentioned above of ‘stunning ways to show off our fabulous heritage’.

Check this out – Michael Starkey has produced these gorgeous little miniature paintings for an exhibition in a dolls house, made by a friend of his! How great is that?

Dawn Kennaugh has been producing some gorgeous bird paintings on the pages of an old book about birds she got from a charity shop. Aren’t they gorgeous? Evidently lots of other people think so too as they all seem to be marked ‘sold’ when I see them on social media!

And finally, here’s this week’s round up of images.

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Jane x

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Hodgson Loom Open Art Competition Winners

I meant to publish the results of the Hodgson Loom Open Art Competition last week so apologies for my tardiness. Whilst there are art related happenings going on in the wings – such as the Hospice Wallaby project, preparation for the Isle of Man Art Society’s Easter Art Exhibition and the Creative Network’s Isle of Man Art Festival at the beginning of May – I haven’t had a chance yet to get to the House of Manannan to see the The Western (IoM) Photographic Society’s 40th Anniversary Exhibition celebrating Peel to take some pics and write up a report on it and I’ve yet to hear what the next exhibitions are at Isle Contemporary (The Isle Gallery) and at The Hodgson Loom Gallery. I’ll hopefully be able to give a fuller update next week.

Thanks to Julia at the Hodgson Loom Gallery for providing all the info and pics.

Photograph & Print Winner: ‘Lights of Ayre’ by Greg Barlow

Runner-up: ‘Peace I – Light from Darkness’ by Anne-Louise Clague

2D Mixed Medium Winner: ‘Let the be Light – Meayll Circle’ by Charlotte Jane Henry

Runner-up: ‘Today’s Forecast – Light Rain’ by Karl Garrett

Ceramic Winner: ‘Feathers as a Light’ by Anne-Louise Clague

Runner-up: ‘Point of Ayre’ by Felicity Wood

Textile Winner: ‘Let the Light Shine Out of the Darkness’ by Manou Boesten

Joint Runners-up: ‘Light on Her Toes’ by Sheila Tootill and ‘Turn the Night On’ by Eva Ignatova

Childrens Winner: ‘Light Through Darkness’ by Matthew Kerruish

Runner-up: The Magic of Light by Ruadhan Milsom

Light & Lamp Winner: ‘The Light is on, but Nobody is Home’ by Margo Gray

Joint Runners-up: ‘Animal Turf’ by Pauline Berrie and ‘Honey Bee’ by Colleen Corlett

3D Winner: ‘Spear of Darkness, Stealer of Light’ by Neil Milsom

Runner-up: ‘Absence of Weight’ by Mark Smyrh

2D Winner: ‘Forest Triptych’ by Tony Hewson

Runner-up: ‘Enbarr in the Moonlight’ by Erica Kermode

Public Vote Winner:  ‘The Light is on, but Nobody is Home’ by Margo Gray

Runner-up: ‘Lights of Ayre’ by Greg Barlow

Overall Competition Winner: ‘Light Through Darkness’ by Matthew Kerruish

Joint Runners-up: ‘Enbarr in the Moonlight’ by Erica Kermode and ‘Spear of Darkness, Stealer of Light’ by Neil Milsom

This year’s theme will be ‘UNDER’ (Julia says she may have let herself in for some very interesting, and possibly frilly, interpretations).

That’s it for this week. I will hopefully have a more regular news update for you next week.

Have a good one..
Jane x

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Isle of Man Art News – 28 January 2019

After a relatively quiet January, February has burst onto the scene with two great art events over the weekend; the prize presentation event of the open art competition with the theme of ‘Light’ at the Hodgson Loom Gallery, and the preview of the new show by Helen Hughes at Isle Contermporary.

The Hodgson Loom Gallery had a record number of entries this year and gallery manager and curator, Julia Ashby Smyth, had a heck of a job to fit it all in. As ever, she did a tremendous job and everyone seemed to have their work displayed to best advantage. There were some stunningly good pieces of work and I will dedicate a further post to this soon with all of the winners and runners up in each of the different categories, however, huge congratulations go to the overall competition winner, Matthew Kerruish who incredibly is just 15 years old! What a fantastic accomplishment. Hopefully Matthew will carry on with his artistic endeavours and become a leading talent here on the island in years to come.

On Sunday afternoon I popped along to the preview of Helen Hughes’ new solo show at Isle Contemporary, Tynwald Mills. I left feeling inspired to start drawing and painting again. Hopefully I will be able to find some time! I did a little walk around video of a few of her pieces which you can see here but I would urge you to go and see it in person and take time to study how the paint has been applied and techniques used as it’s really a joy to see.

Phil Kneen has been busy doing what Phil Kneen does best (in my opinion anyway), his portrait photography. The Gallery magazine cover photo is of talented singer song-writer Mae Challis, a keen photographer herself (and not too shoddy at it either).

In an ‘out-take’ post Phil said that it was very last minute with the shots needing to be delivered to the magazine the same day, so he asked Mae to pick up the brightest roll of wallpaper she could find which he taped up in his hallway. He had so little space to work in he acutally had to stand in the broom cupboard! Great job though to all involved – I love the way it’s turned out.

Janet Lees has been busy creating poetry films using her newly learned technology skills. Here is one of her latest creations.

And Jeremy Paul has refreshed his website and it’s looking great. Check it out here. I thought I’d share his penguin pictures – it is the weather for it after all.

Sarah Hendy posted up that they are welcoming applications from locally based visual artists who would like to represent the Isle of Man at this year’s Festival Interceltique de Lorient in Brittany.

Artists will exhibit alongside selected artists from each of the Celtic nations at this international event which attracts over half-a-million visitors annually to celebrate our Celtic culture and heritage.

For more information and further details on how to apply, contact Sarah Hendy at – entries close on Friday 28th February.

The Isle of Man Art Society’s Easter Exhibition will be upon us before we know it. After a couple of years in Onchan at The Village Walk, this year the show will be at St. Ninian’s Lower School (near Signpost Corner).

It’s fantastic to see local enterprises collaborating and I particularly love the new packaging Grose Design has produced for Little Tree Soaps. I think you’ll agree, it looks really professional. If you haven’t tried the soaps before I can highly recommend them and they make fantastic, plastic-free, lightweight gifts if you’re after something local to send off-island.

Artist Anya Jackson posted up that she has finished her third and final mural at Bristol Galleries (pic on the left) and the picture on the right is of rugs called ‘Ana Jaks’ which should now be available for sale (not sure where though). Check out her website for more – and make sure you put your sunglasses on! It’s like walking into summer.

Huge congrats to Juan Moore – he recently got the opportunity to provide paintings for props in HBO’s latest season of True Detective, and is now able to share these paintings that were made into old school D&D covers that were used on the show. He extended his thanks to @lyndaspropshop for the opportunity, and said his inner 12 year old was over the moon!

Mike Kewley, best known for his inspiring Mindfulness courses and workshops, picked up a paintbrush recently saying that it’s been almost 20 years since he painted, but once upon a time his aim was go to Art College. Having been to Laura Espinosa Moon’s Stormy Days Winter Painting Workshop he says he has found his love of painting again. If this is your first painting in 20 years Mike then don’t stop! We want to see more.

There are a few new pages on the Directory – check out Graham Rider, Janine Skelly and Katharine Watling.

Jo Corkish recently dropped me an email to highlight an opportunity for artists which is currently being advertised via the Isle of Man Government Procurement Portal. The Clerk of Tynwald’s Office is seeking quotes from artists for an official portrait, in oils, of the Speaker of the House of Keys.

Further information can be obtained from the advert link on the portal page. If an artist might be interested in submitting a quote they must register on the portal to obtain the full details of the work required, the closing date to do this is 12 noon 19th February; Quotes then need to be submitted by 12 noon 22nd February.

Clare Christian, President of Tynwald (Svetlana Cameron)

Here’s this week’s round up of images from social media.

That’s it for the next couple of weeks. Do remember you can subscribe to the news to get it delivered to your inbox. Just fill in the form in the sidebar.

Jane x

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