Beguiled by the narrative suggestion of the urban landscape, I began pursuing how the solitary light from a window, the concealed doorway or the bent gutter, was implicit with an abundance of narrative suggestion. This formed the basis of my thematic exploration, as I investigated the formal elements through the medium of Oil Painting.

My intension has been to construct images that are by nature ambiguous in composition and detail providing the viewer limited information regarding the location, so that knowing or recognising a place feels just out of reach. However, in contrast, the structure and realisation of the image must therefore remain grounded in reality and create feeling of elusive familiarity.

Achieving a sense of place is crucial, allowing for me to form the beginnings of a connection with the viewer. This connection may be as a direct result of what I have tried to create through emulation of place, or it may stem from the viewers personal, imagined or remembered experiences. It is imperative that the viewer engages with the imagery and subsequently acknowledges the shared intimacy of a place known, remembered or imagined.



Daniel Price

November 2017


‘A Place Known’ – Daniel Price

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