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Alice Quayle

Alice Quayle has been a full time illustrator since 2014. She mostly specialises in a clear, graphic style to communicate ideas and info in a clear but whimsical way. People quite often say her pictures and maps are engaging, funky and fun. She is on a bit of a mission to help promote the Island, and to help visitors find their way around with the help of her illustrated maps.

She has produced work for a range of clients such as Peel Commissioners, Noa Bakehouse, DEFA, Marcus of Man the megaslam wrestler, Manx National Heritage, and local NGOs.

She particularly likes to work on projects to explore, understand and communicate things such as streetscapes, landscapes, history, culture, nature, wildlife, and interesting people and stories. These are often turned into maps or infographics.

Alice spent 1000 hours studying systemic analysis with the Open University, when she developed her current style and methods, for understanding and communicating complex information clearly. She has also studied animation with Gary Myers and Juan Moore, and picked up an animation qualification equivalent to GCSE grade A-C.

Inspirations include the organisation Common Ground (set up to celebrate connections between people, landscape, nature and culture, and the variety of local places), artists such as Paul Klee, diverse art and illustration traditions, comics, fanzines, and DIY craft. As well as working on commissions, Alice also produces prints, postcards, and occasionally, products like badges and t-shirts.