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Andy MacKellar

Andy has a love of watercolour, but also likes to paint in oils, acrylic, gouache and whatever else may come to hand.  In the past he has painted mainly land and seascapes, and almost certainly will again, but is currently fascinated by the application of specific ideas into a visual form.

Current ideas are intended to invoke the spirit and feelings from land and seascapes and various parts of everyday experience within our environment, internal and external. There is a  fascination with the way in which simple patterns and repetitions can create apparently random complexity, as a simple basic structure repeats itself in nature, always similar and yet creating endless variation. This opens the ways for trying many media and techniques onto different substrates.

Influences change frequently, but consistently include William Tillyer, Gerhard Richter, Frederick Church, Thomas Moran, and Jackson Pollock, Salvatore Provino, sometimes for techniques and appreciation of the results, and sometimes also for the quoted philosophy.