St. Peter’s Church in Onchan by Maureen Hands, 1984

Welcome to the first ‘Art I Own’ post. I thought I would start close to home. Ann Scott is my mother and has this picture hanging in her hallway. This was the view from the back of our house when we lived in Furman Close. My parents commissioned this picture as they wanted a record of how it looked before the field in the foreground filled up with graves.

Writing this now it brings back fond memories. This was in the days when there was a field next to our house and a pathway you could use to cut through to Royal Avenue, through a gap where there would have been a farm gate, framed by an Elderflower tree. We used to play in the woods as children, make dens, mess around on rope swings, play hide and seek and pick blackberries by the bucket load in the autumn. Mum would make blackberry and apple pies and jars upon jars of blackberry jam which would last all winter. It never seemed to be cold or raining in those days!

Later on it was fenced off and the land in between the houses which was covered in gorse and brambles was sold into private ownership to the house owners on Royal Avenue who then extended their back gardens. I was very sad the day they blocked up that pathway through the Elderflower tree. It truly spoiled the beautiful and enticing entrance to our playground – even though by then we had outgrown it. 

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Art I Own – Ann Scott – St. Peter’s Church
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