I’m a fan of a number of local artists and am fortunate to own prints and/or originals by Bruno Cavellec, Adam Berry, Juan Moore, Nicola Dixon and others. I don’t buy them simply because they are locally based – although there is of course a certain element of familiarity or personal relevance to the work that makes it appeal – but because I genuinely love what they do.
So, when Jane approached me, I knew it would be difficult to choose one piece to feature here… and in the end, I’ve chosen two! Sorry Jane… 😉
Art has always been in my family. My great grandfather was the Manx artist E.C.Quayle, most famous for having painted the portrait of Archibald Knox that hangs in the museum. They became great friends. EC Quayle was known for the coastal scenes he painted, often of the harbours and dramatic seas and skies around the Island – arguably his finest was a painting of the sinking of the Ellan Vannin. But he also painted some beautiful watercolours of idyllic inland scenes, and I was gifted this one by my Uncle, Bernie Quayle, so it is very dear to me.
Christy DeHaven
 Christy’s second choice will be next week’s ‘Art I Own’ feature.
Art I Own – Christy DeHaven – Part 1
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