Following on from Christy’s art choice last week, her picture by E.C. Quayle, her second choice is  ‘Company Enough’ by Ruby May Laidlaw.
“I believe Ruby was still a student at the College when this was exhibited as part of an event at the Loom Gallery. There are many reasons why I love it – I relate to the subject matter (or, at least, my own interpretation of it); I love the style which makes me think of Japanese anime; I like the sketch texture and the fact that the pencil is enough – it could have colour and would no doubt look wonderful with it, but it doesn’t need it, and the grey somehow adds to the atmosphere of it. 
I also love the obvious ‘youth’ of it as a very early work by a very young artist, which reminds me of the incredible creative talent we have on the Island – talent that emerges every day and is unique, exciting, vibrant and inspiring. And which I am very envious of…
And finally, it is reminiscent of an album cover by the band Mogwai – which I hadn’t realised at the time, but was reminded of later by a friend and I wonder if that is another reason why I was initially drawn to it. Being somewhat obsessed with music, that is no bad thing in my mind!
Ruby has gone on to be a superb artist and animator – now under the name Ruby May Kissack I believe. She is now based off Island but I occasionally check out her new work; I was also thrilled when she created a beautiful storyboard for one of our MannIN Shorts films a couple of years back. The whole thing was, unsurprisingly, a work of art in itself.”
Christy DeHaven
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Art I Own – Christy DeHaven – Part 2
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