Paul Parker – White Beach at Niarbyl

This is a picture of the White Beach at Niarbyl – Traie Vane in Manx – by Paul Parker. I bought it at the launch of his exhibition at the Sayle Gallery a few years ago. In fact it was my husband Alistair who had been invited along, Alistair and Paul being old friends from their days with the newspapers and having explored together the Manx and Scottish landscapes back in the day. A number of quite good stories there I believe. This little picture however is of a less challenging terrain than the Highlands, but it depicts one of my favourite corners of the Island. It also features trees prominently; many of the pictures I own feature landscapes with trees, although I hadn’t noticed until my sister pointed this out recently. No idea what that signifies. I have always enjoyed looking at the works that Paul produces and the way that his style continues to evolve. I suspect that my husband was rather surprised when I bought a picture at the launch, but I’ve just done the same thing again, another landscape. A different artist though and I don’t recall any trees! 

Karen Ramsay.


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