Over the next few weeks I will be sharing with you eight interviews with some of the Island’s best known and most respected artists. These are in depth interviews which were recorded by Anita Hogarth in 2014/15 and supported by the Isle of Man Arts Council.

Artist’s Spaces was a project designed to cover one aspect of a contemporary working artist’s life; the influence of the studio.  It’s created an archive, documenting their artistic origins, education, methods of working and their influences, capturing their working practices which would have been influenced by their studio environment. The importance of the artists’ studio is clear and these recordings reflect the influence of the Island on Manx artists.

Anita Hogarth, BA Hons with Art History, has many years’ experience working with local artists and has managed art galleries on the Isle of Man. 

This project was supported by the Isle of Man Arts Council and all the recordings are being held in the archives of Manx National Heritage.  Anita also would like to note her special thanks to Juan Moore.

I would like to add my personal thanks to Anita and the Artists for their permission to share these recordings with you here on the Directory and to the Isle of Man Arts Council and Manx National Heritage.

Here is the first interview with David Byrne. Enjoy the content below by Anita and then click the video at the bottom of this post to watch the interview.



Artists’ Spaces by Anita Hogarth: An interview with David Byrne

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