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Juan Moore
Juan Moore

Juan was born and raised on the Isle of Man and studied at Falmouth College of Arts, in 2006 he graduated with a first class BA honours degree in illustration. Since graduating Juan has produced work for many international clients including Scholastic books and from 2007 to 2011 produced regular illustrations for the Guardian newspaper’s weekend supplement. Juan has also exhibited his work not only on the Isle of Man but also in Cornwall, Wales, London, France and New York. Some of Juan’s artworks are part of both the Isle of Man arts council’s collection and the Manx National art collection.

Juan has (and still does from time to time) produced a number of limited edition small press books that have proven very popular over the years, please get in touch for more details.

In 2010 Juan began the Welcome to the Neighbourhood project, an ambitious project that aimed to put art in public spaces, the project consisted of 5 shows over the space of a year in specific locations that the work would be related to. the idea was to not only bring art to the people, but to show how art can work with local businesses to produce something rather special. The first show was in a fish restaurant, and featured surreal work about fish. The next was in a bar, the work dealt with heart break and relationships. The third was a gig and an exhibition simultaneously, working with local singers and musicians to produce illustrations of their songs. The forth was a show about day dreams, in an empty office space. the project culminated in 2011 with a solo show of all 100 artworks on display in the Manx Museum.

Aside from illustration and Fine art Juan has also worked on several Animation projects, notably as a digital colourist on Chico & Rita, which received an Oscar nomination in 2012 and more recently wrote and directed the animation short Evolution of Mann for Manx National Heritage.

From 2011 to 2012 Juan lectured illustration, Professional Practice, Painting and graphic design at the Isle of Man college.

Juan is currently working towards combining Fine Art, Illustration, computer modelling and 3D printing to come up with something entirely new.

For a full CV please get in touch.

Artist’s statement: 

“My work has been described as whimsical and I guess that’s the starting point from most of it. Each piece is based on a thought, idea or even a feeling, sometimes it can be funny, other times it can be sad, not everything within us is happy so I try and portray the whole spectrum of feelings. The real challenge for me is to get down on paper what’s in my head. It is also important to me that my work is not only thought provoking but that it is accessible to everyone, one of the aims of my work is for it to be as understood by not only those from an art background but for someone who knows nothing about it.”