Aspects of Man

A new exhibition of paintings by Paul Parker
24 November – 23 December 2016
at the Sayle Gallery
Douglas, Isle of Man

Paul Parker has spent over 40 years honing his skills as a painter. He has become known on the Island for his striking landscape scenes, as well as his illustrative motorcycle paintings of our road races. His new exhibition focuses on the former, and takes us on some of the journeys that Paul has made through the dramatic and ever-changing vistas of the Manx landscape.

Paul spent some time at the Isle of Man College and studied art under Norman Sayle. However, it wasn’t until after leaving College that his passion for the Manx landscape truly developed.

 After quitting student life, Paul worked for the Isle of Man Examiner newspaper and he and his colleagues would regularly go walking in the Manx hills. Being frequently immersed in the landscape, Paul found himself becoming more aware of the seasonal changes around him and how the weather could alter his interaction with his surroundings. It was through these observations that he was able to gain a better understanding of the landscape, and translate his observations and feelings into paintings.

 “Landscape painting is observation and understanding, and you have to be out in it to understand it. Not just the good days, but in all weathers. On the bad days the sun could break through, if just for a short time, and you won’t see it tucked up by the fire”

Through his painting Paul attempts to translate the atmosphere of a place and the sensations that he experiences whilst in it, in an effort to “show others the world as I see it”. It is the personal response to a place that makes Paul’s work distinctive, as well as the conscious decision to avoid absolute precision. Rather than faithfully reproduce the scene in front of him, Paul provides the viewer with an an interpretation of the land which reflects Paul’s individual experience of being out in it. The drama of lighting changes and movement within the landscape play an active part in his work, creating images that capture what would otherwise be, fleeting moments, missed unless you were there.

This exhibition of Paul’s work offers the viewer an opportunity to share the experience of these fleeting moments and to recall our own personal interactions with the land. It also highlights a sense of place, a sense of ‘home’ and of belonging to a landscape that so many of us share.

 ‘Aspects of Man’ will be exhibited at the Sayle Gallery until 23rd December 2016, and is presented with the support of the Isle of Man Arts Council.

Aspects of Man at The Sayle Gallery
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