The Isle Gallery present ‘Black & White’ a Contemporary Art & Print which runs from Friday 2nd – Sunday the 25th September.























JOIN US for our SUMMER OPEN DAY on Sunday 4th September from 2pm – 4.30pm.

The exhibition features a curated selection from some of the Islands finest photographers and artists exploring the monochromatic palette and seeks to create a dialogue between the artists, working with different visual cues both natural and man-made, connected through a selective range of tones artwork and images limited in colour.

Black and white photography has been loved and faithfully served by many photographers around the world. There have been artists who exclusively take black and white photographs and stubbornly do not shoot in colour, believing that the magic of a picture is better depicted in black and white and supporting the idea that the absence of colour provokes imagination to create its own magnificent pictures.

The artwork on display sheds light on the technical innovation with printmaking, photography, drawing and painting and the linkages across various mediums. The artworks are diverse in style and subject with the recurrent use of black, white, and gray and demonstrates how the artists continuously investigate and invent in austere monochromatic tones.


Black and White at the Isle Gallery