Brook Wassall

I’ve been interested in film ever since I can remember and I got my first video camera when I was about 13. All I ever thought about during that time was being a Film Director, or at least making films in some way, and pursued this by creating fun videos with friends in a number of ways. Over the years I’ve slowly started to explore different aspects of media to the point where I’ve realised I just want to create, whether that be making films or videos, taking pictures, capturing timelapses or even writing music. The visual aspect is a large part of it for me, but when combined with music you can make something truly beautiful.

Since discovering timelapse and astrophotography in particular I’ve not been able to stop. The photographers I follow regularly inspire me everyday to push myself to go out and create something new. I was born on the Isle of Man which has a number of beautiful landscapes to capture, and during the longer nights after summer you can get crystal clear skies with minimal light pollution which provides excellent viewing of the stars and the Milky Way.