Bryan Moore – BA (Hons) Fine Art

Coming from the early 90’s I feel I have a different context to a great many other artists, a budding interest in creativity has seen me strive to reach this place and to continue going further. I work in fine art, illustrative and conceptual roles. As an artist my tenets are significance and emotion, whether expression the life of a solitary wanderer or responding to deeper emotions within us all, I take these tones and employ fictional elements to represent and animate these elusive parts of our lives.

I mainly work drawing on paper or painting digitally but I have also enjoyed printmaking, ink, acrylics and oils through my time working with the college, my main years of growth as an artist. I often like to use the freedom of digital art to combine these mediums, the marks and textures of printmaking are perfect additions to my digital work. I’m open to expanding my horizons as an artist and finding what ways I can improve myself and my practice. I am entirely open for commissions, discussion and enquiries.