I was born in Norfolk and moved to the Isle of Man when I was fifteen years old after my father retired from the Royal Air Force. Prior to that, we had lived in various places in the UK, Germany and Cyprus.

I attended Ballakermeen High School where I excelled at art, winning the North American Manx Association Silver Medal for Art and Craft in 2000.

Upon completing my A-Levels I attended Lancaster University where I graduated in 2004 with a BA in Art: Practice and Theory.

I developed my love of painting with acrylics whilst at university, where I produced large-scale abstract paintings using vibrant colours. I found that acrylics allowed me to work with great spontaneity and intuition due to their rapid drying time. This has become a fundamental part of my style.

After graduating I continued painting, producing commissions and featuring work in local art exhibitions on the Isle of Man and UK, as well as in Germany and New Zealand.

Nowadays my usual subject matter is landscapes and seascapes, using bright colours and bold lines to bring joy and vibrancy to the images. My landscapes often take on a semi-abstract feel as I do not rely on direct representation, using photographs and sketches simply as reference points rather than to capture fine detail.

The Isle of Man is an endless source of inspiration to me. One minute you can be stood on a hilltop, marvelling at the view of the seven kingdoms, yet fifteen minutes drive and you’re on a windswept beach or wandering through a carpet of bluebells in one of the Island’s many glens. The beauty and drama of the Island’s landscapes moves me on a daily basis, whether it be out hiking the coastal paths or simply walking into work on a cold morning when the sun is rising over the sea. Every day I see something new to inspire me.