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Celine Appleyard

Celines Ceramics

 Unusual, original, exquisite”, are just a few words that Celine’s work have been described.

Returning to higher education at the I.O.M. College after a career in fashion modelling, based in Europe for several years. She travelled extensively in her late twenties, in India for three months and visiting Australia in her first year at University. Inspired by her travels, her time as a model and training in textiles, Celine’s work has been described as “Clay metamorphosing into fabric – effective, unique, beautiful.”

Producing innovative and skilfully constructed work, Celine makes a range of her own glazes, experimenting with colours and textures using varied glazing combinations and applications.

Artist Statement:

My inspirations come from the life force inherent in nature and its strong connection to my own inner being.  Using personal references such as my love of nature, the sea, luscious fabrics and haute couture to inspire my forms. I find echoes of my work in the sensual openings of the petals in Georgia O’Keefe’s paintings and draw inspiration from close up photographic imagery of flowers. Loving to walk in the countryside and observe all the naturally reoccurring grooves and folds in nature, I am also influenced by dressmaking, folding and pleating clay, giving the illusion of clay metamorphosing into fabric.

The use of light in some of my sculptures with the translucency of the porcelain and vibrant coloured glazes enhances the sensuality of the forms and accentuates the opening rhythms, grooves and folds. My inspirations come from visual and textural elements of nature and my love of luscious fabrics. I love to experiment with light, colour and sensual forms within nature and in my porcelain sculptures I use light to enhance their translucency and vibrant coloured glazes.

Celine’s Contemporary, bespoke ceramics are available to purchase from the Manx Museum and other heritage sites, The Sayle Gallery and directly through contacting her to visit her Studio at Ballahott Lodge, Lower Foxdale Road, Ballasalla, IM9 3DV. All commissions welcome.