Manx National Heritage is currently seeking a sponsor or joint sponsors for a new exhibition by Manx born photographer Chris Killip.

Chris Killip

Chris Killip is a distinguished photographer, well known for his gritty black and white images of people and places.  He is renowned and recognised for his pictures of local communities, in particular the local Manx population. 

He is the recipient of numerous international awards, has exhibited all over the world, written extensively and appeared on both radio and television. His local work includes his book The Isle of Man:  A book about the Manx which was published in 1980 and his new book ‘Isle of Man Revisited’ is now on sale. 

Chris Killip’s work is highly prominent, has featured in the Tate Gallery and received extensive media coverage, most recently featuring in Financial Times Magazine and Daily Mail.

The exhibition on the Isle of Man represents a unique opportunity for local companies and will open at the Manx Museum on 7th May 2016 to 30th July 2016.

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Chris Killip Exhibition – Sponsorship now open