minilogoListing is easy and it’s Free!


The whole idea behind this site is to make it easy for the public to find you, the Artists, and that is why listing on this site is free.

I don’t want the cost of listing to put you off sending me your details – the more Artists listed on this site the more useful it will be and in turn the more likely you are to get commissions and people buying your prints or other creations, depending what field of work you are in.

All you have to do is get in touch. I need up to 6 photographs of your work (maximum size 200kb), some contact details – email, mobile, website, Instagram, Facebook etc. – a profile picture of yourself if you want (not compulsory) and a few lines about you by way of a biography. 

PLEASE NOTE – upon submission your pictures are reviewed by a committee to ensure that a high standard is maintained. If your work is not approved by the Selection Committee, Grace & Hall/The Manx Art Directory/Jane Hall is not obliged to publish your work and will not enter into further correspondence relating to a listing on the website.

If your work is approved by the Selection Committee I will then upload the content to a webpage for you. It will be password protected until you approve it. You can change anything you like at this point.

All updates to your page will be free of charge until you approve them. Once your page is published I expect that you may want to update the images or other details on your page from time to time and then there will be a small charge for updating the content (£10). Updating your contact details will always be free.

minilogoShop pages


If you would like a shop page on the Directory then I will make these up for free for original artwork over £50 in value. Any work sold through the shop page is subject to commission of 20%. You are free to market and sell your work elsewhere – just let me know if you sell something that is listed and I will remove the item from your shop page. Payment is made to the Directory by the customer and on confirmation that the item has been shipped, I will forward the balance of the payment after retaining 20% commission.

minilogoWhat’s in it for me?


I’ve been asked a number of times what is in this for me. Well first and foremost it’s something that I am really enjoying doing; seeing all of the wonderful artwork produced by our very talented Artists and helping them get their work seen by bringing everything together on the website is incredibly rewarding.

I am looking for sponsors for different types of articles and I am happy to advertise local companies who are interested in supporting the Arts and there are a number of options available – just get in touch by email: 

minilogoWhat you can do to help me – and in turn help yourself!


  • Tell everyone about this website!
  • Put a link to your page on the Manx Art Directory on your own website.
  • Share it on social media.
  • Like the Facebook page.
  • Get your artist friends to get their own page so it becomes a fantastic resource for everyone.

minilogoGet in Touch


Please do get in touch – my email address is and my mobile is 07624 450997. I look forward to hearing from you!