“We have some very talented artists on our Island – but it is often difficult for everyone to get their work seen and to develop their skills. I think it’s a wonderful idea to have a single resource site so artists of very different styles and techniques can be seen together.”  

Jeremy Paul, March 2016

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“To my knowledge there is no place where the general public can find a full listing of visual artists on the Isle of Man, and with most artists only producing a show every 2 years or in some cases even longer, it is vital that the public does not forget that artists are still around. I think it is a great way for potential clients to contact artists as well as being a reference for educational purposes.”

Juan Moore, March 2016

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“The Manx Art Directory is exactly what artists have needed for a very long time, not only to get the opportunities which have become so rare on the Isle of Man, but also to get better online visibility as well as a free advertising and promoting tool. It is the missing link between artists and the public and a great way to connect both sides of the art world under one single, professional platform. What a brilliant initiative!”  

Bruno Cavellec, March 2016

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The following are just some of the wonderful comments in support of the Directory’s entry into the Ashgrove Marketing competition, August 2016:

Jane has done a wonderful thing here- finally artists are being represented and promoted. It is always a delight to read her news letters and to be reminded of the incredible diversity within the arts that we have here on the Island. And to see that so much is going on. Well done Jane.

Petrina Kent

Artists as a group are often not the best self advertisers, but Jane, has created a wonderful new platform for us on the Isle of Man. The Manx Art Directory, as well as looking remarkably good is consistently interesting and informative. Well done Jane!

Sally Black

Thanks to Jane’s tireless enthusiasm and commitment she has managed to birth a wonderful hub for artists, to showcase and promote their work. Artists are notoriously difficult to corral and are generally highly disorganised when it comes the promotion side of their work. Her weekly newsletters are always a delight and has become my ‘go to’ point to find out what’s happening week by week. Her willingness to help and promote Manx artists is incredibly refreshing.

Julia Ashyby Smyth

What Jane is doing for Manx artists is incredible. Her enthusiasm, tireless effort and genuine love of art is both inspiring and motivating. The Manx Art Directory deserves to be supported by the whole Island. Everyone in a community benefits when the arts are supported and allowed to flourish – which is precisely what Jane and her wonderful directory are doing.

Rebecca Odessa

I am at a loss to adequately describe what a wonderful achievement Jane’s vision commitment, perseverance and sometimes stubborn refusal to take no for an answer is for Manx artists. She has united and showcased artists in a way that civil servants and politicians have failed to do.

Howard Shimmin

Jane deserves recognition for getting up and doing something rather than just talking about it. Well done Jane and good luck for the future.

Robert Jones

Manx Art Directory is great! Jane, thank you very much for all the hard work you are doing.

Svetlana Cameron

This is a great innovation – it’s been sorely needed for years! Well done, Jane!

Breesha Maddrell

The Manx Art Directory is a much needed breath of fresh air into the manx arts scene. Jane’s work provides a professional platform linking our diverse and talented artists with the wider community, with a weekly refresher/reminder with the newsletter. I knew there was a lot going on , but this is enlightening. . It has much potential in a world where art marketing has gone digital.

Nicola Dixon

I look forward to weekly updates. Jane is doing a great job to help raise the profile for creatives and take us to a wider audience. I wish her all the luck with this nomination.

Helen Fox

Best of Luck Jane! You have done an amazing job, Its a fabulous platform not only for us as artists but as a resource for the local community and visitors to the Island, as well as buyers and art collectors throughout the world. Well Done and here’s to a successful future! x

Claire Pearse

In just a few months, with great dedication and enthusiasm, Jane Hall has created this wonderful and unique opportunity for all the Manx artists to showcase their talent and skills as well as offering them a professional space where they can be contacted by buyers and art collectors all over the world. It seems quite obvious today, but such a platform didn’t exist before Jane put together the Manx Art Directory. Such a brilliant initiative deserves to be recognised beyond the art world. Thank you Jane for your fantastic work!

Bruno Cavellec