Carola Colley – Corrody Keeill

Corrody Keeill

Your canvas is a pilgrimage, an excavation
of the bones of time that breathe in a mosaic
of brunailles and verdailles, charting the diptych
of earth and sky.  A reflective pentimento unveils
secrets buried in cairns; bronze age dilates
from your palette, possessed by vignettes
of antiquity that dream across light and shade.
A keeill, a wayside shrine, built on mounds, where
souls sleep beneath the narrow vault of grey heaven;
silent shamrock, camouflaged under pastel greens,
tugs at the limpid sleeves of kneeling spirits
that pray from the dark catacombs of history.
A walk in well, a baptism in hues of chamoisee,
chestnut and cordovan, a cryptic encounter
with the remains of yesterday.  My eyes cannot
fathom this abstract landscape, but a blissful
tranquillity draws me into your float-mounted,
surreal world, your brush strokes hatching
a journey into the core of the earth.

Poetry © Usha Kishore

Keeill –   Manx Gaelic for “shrine or cell”.
Corrody – is a pension or allowance awarded by the church.
Corrody Keeill  –  can be interpreted  as a small shrine maintained by the diocese.

 Poems from On Manannan’s Isle – © Usha Kishore
Painting – © Carola Colley

Corrody Keeill
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