The Sayle Gallery
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10 am – 5 pm Tuesday – Saturday 
1.30 pm – 4.30pm Sunday


In this joint exhibition, the work of both artists demonstrates an exploration of a non-traditional, imaginative and ethereal use of cloth. The work of mother and daughter displays similarities through the extraordinary qualities of fragility it captures, however, both artists employ very different techniques and subject matter. Perhaps one would expect some similarities between artists of such a close familial relationship but the individual differences of personality displayed through the work is maybe more interesting.

After studying art at the Isle of Man College, Alice went on to graduate in printed fashion design BA at Ravensbourne University. She then worked for several years in the fashion industry in London, designing fabrics for a range of high-end brands. Julie also studied at Isle of Man College before the Julia Caprara Hons BA in Embroidered Textiles at Middlesex University. She has also exhibited in Redchurch Street Gallery, the Mall Galleries and the Knitting and Stitching Show.

Alice takes her inspiration for fabric design from nature, often directly through the use of illustration or photography. The resulting images are then developed using computer software and are finally screen-printed or digitally printed onto cloth. The cloth is then worked-into using different processes to create the desired finish and product. Her recent work is more illustrative and is beginning to be produced on a wider range of compositions.

Julie’s work accelerates the ageing process of cloth to create a sense of history, mystery and beauty. It highlights the passing of time and hints at untold stories which may be held within the fibers. Fragments of worn cloth hold memories and have an emotional presence. Delicate, ethereal surfaces on Julie’s sculptural forms, suggest connections to garments of the past and to specific times and use the special closeness of hand-stitching.

Alice and Julie will be running two workshops at the Sayle Gallery over the weekend of the Isle of Man Art Festival, 29th – 30th April. On Saturday there will be a wearable art workshop for children and families and on Sunday a fashion/clothes design workshop for young people. Cost 5 pounds per person. Further details and booking available from the Sayle Gallery on 674557.

‘Cut from the Same Cloth’ is presented with support from the Isle of Man Arts Council.







Cut From the Same Cloth – Julie and Alice Fayle at The Sayle Gallery

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