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Manx Mosaics by Elli

Elaine Edge
Originally from Lancishire, but living on the Isle of Man since 1980, Elaine has been working as a mosaic artist for the best part of 10 years.  She has been commissioned to produce pieces by private individuals, charities, and public organisations, for a varied range of occasions (including birthdays, memorials, and fundraising auctions).  In addition to her solo work, Elaine has produced mosaics with children from schools across the Island; her favourite of these – a Knox inspired Celtic cross – now hangs in Douglas town hall.  
Elaine takes great joy in working with others to create pieces which express something meaningful for them.  Her personal touch, and encouragement of involvement in the design process, help her to produce works that people feel connected to.  She enjoys working with colours, and particularly loves to incorporate mirrored pieces in her mosaics because they allow the design to shift and change, especially in outdoor settings. All of Elaine’s work is made to weatherproof standards.