Ellie Baker is a landscape artist who is inspired by the Isle of Man’s patchwork fields, rocky beaches, dramatic skies, ragged gorse and dry stone walls.  Ellie has been developing her distinct style for over ten years and has always worked in acrylic paint and in vivid colours.  She likes to work in layers so that she can wash or rub back to reveal contrasting colours, which she feels represents all the changes the land has seen over the years, either man-made or natural. She has recently started incorporating acrylic ink into her work, often giving structure to the pieces, which can sometimes lean towards semi-abstraction.  Ellie is keen for people to provide their own stories for her art and likes to listen to people’s personal interpretations.  Some pieces are recognisable icons and others are simply inspired by the many things she sees, smells and hears whilst walking the Island’s paths.