Feather Red, is a showcase and point of sale for paintings, drawings and textile items created, designed and produced by Laura Doyle.

Having had a life-long interest in illustration and painting, in particular through the medium of acrylics, it was upon undertaking an Art & Design Foundation course at college that Laura got a feel for a multitude of other techniques, which ultimately gave her the impetus to create Feather Red.

The broad base of techniques that the Foundation course provided – ranging from sculpting with carved plaster, wood and copper, creating soft-sculpture, embroidery and textile items with machine and hand-sewing techniques to printmaking (mono-printing, lino-cut printing and screen printing) to photography – enabled Laura to produce mixed-media works that could fully utilise her interests and new-found skill sets. Laura has recently started doing pet portraits and is also doing some collaborative work to create laser cut jewellery based on her drawings.

Indeed it was due in part to these techniques that Laura went on to win the Manchester Art Gallery Inspired By… competition in 2012 with her piece In Dreams, a sculpture made from carved plaster, wood and photograms inspired by Diana and Endymion by Edward John Poynter and exhibited in the pre-Raphaelite gallery at Manchester Art Gallery.

Taking inspiration from the artists that she adores such as Frida Kahlo, Henri Rousseau, Alfonse Mucha, Cindy Sherman and Cornelia Parker, Laura aims to use Feather Red as a means of expressing her love of surreal, whimsical and playful art through artworks of her own design. Indeed many of her sources of inspiration can be seen in her work shown here – the residents of the forest such as owls, foxes, ravens and toadstools; fairytale and mythical creatures such as mermaids and witches, alongside pieces inspired by her favourite films and music.

We here at Feather Red hope you enjoy the site and Laura’s work, and should anything take your fancy then by all means please make an enquiry!