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Felicity Wood

I am a primary school teacher, and I love my job… It is essential to be really good at a lot of things – yet master of none. My art work reflects this; I love ceramic work, I adore textiles, yet sometimes it is nice to just fall back on pen and watercolour. 

Celtic artwork has always excited me, my degree is in Engineering and there is something wonderfully mathematical about Celtic Knotwork. However, we live on such an amazing island, there are plenty of other places to find inspiration.
Back in 2012 I shared my first exhibition at the Hodgson-Loom Gallery; since then I have had three children. Consequently, I produce significantly less art, however I value the time I occasionally find to work on a piece. It fascinates me that I have now found the quality I was looking for in my own work because of this.
I am probably too old now to be telling people that when I grow up I am going to be an artist, for one thing it makes my own children laugh – a lot! However I would never let the children I teach give up on following their dream so it wouldn’t seem right to give up on mine.