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Gavin Carter – photo by Andi Howland

Gavin Carter was born and brought up in the north east of England. After a variety of jobs in farming and forestry he gained a BSc in botany from Durham University and went on to postgraduate research in molecular biology. This lead to work in the sales and marketing division of a Swedish biotechnology compay. However, the desire to work in a more ‘natural’ environment prompted a conscious decision to become actively involved in woodland conservation.

During this time he began to turn wood which gradually developed into more sculptural work. He was involved with, and exhibited a the Bucks Art Week and also at the Milton Keyes Art Gallery in 1995.

He works mainly in wood, oak being his favourite. His inspriation comes from the landscape and the natural forms within it. He is especially influenced by microscopic forms found within biological systems. Texture is also important to his work and for this reason toolmarks made by chainsaws, axes or chisels are often left in a piece of work.