One of the things that’s captured me in recent months is the award of UNESCO Biosphere status to the Isle of Man, the first entire country in the world to receive this prestigious endorsement.

This incredible award is an honour to the Isle of Man, through which the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) describe our island as ‘a special place for people and nature’.

I admire the way in which the island’s people take care of our natural environment, heritage and culture – something which has been inherent in our communities across the centuries, shaping the incredible place in which we live and work today.

I’m privileged to work for Manx National Heritage in some of the Isle of Man’s most special places, whilst also having a lifelong connection to nature and the environment through our family home at Glen Truan in the island’s north.

Our family connection to the natural environment is reflected in our art collection, which strongly features the work of wildlife artist Dr Jeremy Paul. Jeremy believes in seeing animals in their natural environment before depicting them. That way he can experience the nuances of light, landscape and behaviour that set his paintings apart.

We’re blessed to have such talented artists on the Isle of Man. There’s something magical about the island, which resonates in their work – ‘a special place for people and nature’.

I’ll leave you with a snapshot of the ‘magic’ and ‘special place’ held in our family art collection:

‘Ghost Barn Owl’ – This stunning original painting needs no introduction and sits on our farmhouse wall. Since purchasing it in 2013, ‘Ghost Barn Owl’ has traveled to Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum in Wisconsin USA, featuring in ‘Birds in Art’, an internationally renowned exhibition attracting wildlife artists from across the world. Prints are available on

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‘Chaffinch in Wisteria’ – I adore this intricately painted Chaffinch, gently perched on the vibrant Wisteria. This lovely painting sits above our kitchen table and is admired each day.

‘Chaffinch on Gorse’ – This little chaffinch transports me to a special place in nature – the golden gorse of our family home.

‘Oyster Catcher at the Ayres’ – oystercatchers are always such a beautiful sight. Look closely at the stunning detail of the bird’s orange bill dabbling for food and listen… you can almost hear the gentle waves lapping onto the beach at the Ayres.

Lynsey Clague
Glen Truan
May 2017

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Glen Truan’s collection of original paintings by Jeremy Paul
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