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Helen Tate

My artwork is all about nature, the earth we live in and inspiration by walks in the woodlands, rivers, beaches, hills and mountains.

Our environment is always changing, the seasons, the time of day, the weather, the climate and where in the world we are. The weather creates drastic skies, the wind that blows, stormy seas, and I believe it is an inspiration for us all, wherever it is in the arts, life itself, how we meet new people, where and how we live our lives.

All seasons have their own variation to give. The shifting between them and seeing our nature change in front of us can be, and most of the time is, a very beautiful occurrence. For me, being Swedish, I love each season; the snow on the branches in the trees changing to water drops in springtime, the first coltsfoot by the roads when spring becomes summer, the crisp and colorful leaves in autumn, the first frosts that stays the whole day in early winter. The seasons have a bigger contrast between them there than in other places such as here, on Isle of Man, where it is more of a mellow change. Saying that, the environment here on this small island is truly magnificent and I see something new every day that I admire.

Nature is not only what you can see and touch, it is all around us and the power that it gives us is vital to how we live, survive and create. Growing up in Sweden in a small town and with parents that also have a love for the outdoors, we as a family often spent our holidays in nature and my love for found natural objects started then. Now having two children of my own we go out and explore our surroundings and our garden and shelves at home always contains smaller pieces of driftwood, stones, sea glass and sea porcelain that we have found on our excursions.

Being outdoors is what provides inspiration in my creation of artwork and I have used a number of materials such as twigs, stones, driftwood, found nails, metal and fabric that have been blowing in the wind. The last few projects have included the use of video projection, together with the natural materials. This combination of light and creation is where I want to continue exploring and I’m very excited to see where it will take me.

As an artist my desire is for the viewer to get a calming feeling by looking at my pieces and working with calm colors and textures is important, together with layers of the unexpected. I also adore the imperfect in our environment; crevices in soil and rocks, peeling paint and rifts in foundations. Through my artwork I aim for them to be brought alive again. This is my future and purpose as an artist.