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Many of you will know that I live in Ramsey, so I hope you will be as impressed as I am with myself that I went ALL the way to Port St. Mary on Thursday evening for the opening of David Maddrell’s new show, REM-EMBERS EMBLAZONED, at Studio 42.

I jest. It wasn’t really any hardship as I work in Douglas so went straight from there and anyway, the reward at the end of the journey was a truly magical show and finally the chance to meet David, so it was no chore at all but indeed a very great pleasure. I’ve been on the lookout for David’s work since Gypo Buggane told me about him around this time last year but I think he must have been keeping a low profile producing this lovely body of work. In fact, he was probably doing a lot of sleeping as the pictures are derived from his recollection of his dreams which he captures in his sketch book. The distinctive visual motif of the dream forms the centre piece of each work with his notations and other elements completing the design. They really are lovely with jewel-like colours conveying some of the intensity you might be familiar with from his stained glass work. David told me that the stained glass work hadn’t really taken off for him but he now felt, with these new pictures which he has produced digitally from his original sketches, that ‘something has clicked’. I have to agree.

Here’s a quick little vid of the preview which captures a couple of the pictures and which I hope will be enough of a snippet to get you to visit in person.

Phil Kneen has been pushing the Facebook boundaries again, risking getting his post ‘reported’ by walking the fine line between art and pornography with one of his latest blogs, ‘Seven Billion’, in which he considers how the internet has blended the two like ‘cheap vodka mixing with freshly squeezed orange juice’.

Decide for yourself – here’s one of his pictures that accompanies the post.

Martin, Viv and the Craftworks Studio team, after many moons at Silverdale, have relocated to Qualtrough’s Yard, Hope Street , Castletown and they will be open today! They posted  up this photo on Facebook a few days ago and I’m very impressed with how lovely and organised if it looks already. Lots of luck to them in their new home.

Craftworks Studio has been a great venue for aspiring potters over the years and the fabulous Katy Mitchell cut her teeth with them a few years back. Katy’s been busy recently too, re-branding from ‘Kathryn Mitchell Ceramics’ to ‘Katy Mitchell Ceramics’ which I think better reflects how we all think of her, and she posted up a bit of a blog about the change which you can read here. She’s been keeping up her sterling work and has been busy fulfilling orders and keeping local outlets stocked.  She’s also posted up that a selection of her work will be exhibited in the Summer Craft Collection at New Ashgate Gallery in Farnham, Surrey. Founded in the ’60s, New Ashgate Gallery has been dedicated to championing the best contemporary art and craft for over 50 years. Katy said that she is deeply grateful to Helen Beard, who mentored her for 3 months in 2016 through the Craft Potters Association and ‘Adopt a Potter’ mentoring scheme, for an introduction to the gallery. She says her pots will be in great company with ceramics and jewellery from emerging and established makers – well done Katy!

Graham Hall at Grenaby Studios seems to have been bitten by the same pyrography bug that got Colleen Corlett recently. He’s been having a dabble and so far it’s all looking very good indeed. Oh if only all bugs had such positive effects!

As part of the IOM Art Festival weekend, the Sayle Gallery is hosting a couple of Fashion Design and Wearable Art Workshops on the 29th and 30th April. The two workshops for young (or young at heart) people are scheduled for the festival weekend. Both will be led by Creative Network artists, Alice and Julie Fayle, mother and daughter, who currently have their joint exhibition at the gallery, ‘Cut From The Same Cloth’.
Workshop 1 – Wearable Art – Saturday 29th April, 1 – 4 pm
A workshop for young people aged 8 years or above. Cost £5 per participant. Family groups welcomed and adults are encouraged to stay and join in the fun.
“Come and use all sorts of weird and wonderful materials to create your own item of clothing. Using a manikin (or each other) we will design and create fantastical garments and then do a short studio photoshoot to record the results. The resulting photos will become an online, virtual fashion show. Please bring along an old item of clothing that can be used as a base for your creation, this could be a T shirt, leggings, jumper or whatever you have that can be cut up, pinned to, glued to or drawn on. Also, we will be making garments out of anything we can lay our hands on, so if you have any materials that may be useful, please feel free to bring them along!”

Workshop 2 – Fashion Design –  Sunday 30th April, 1 – 4 pm
A workshop for young people aged 12 or above – adults are welcome too. Cost £5 per participant.
“In this workshop you will be asked to work in pairs (or family groups). Each pair/group will be given basic shirts to modify and change into another garment. You will be given a piece of music (or if you have a favourite piece that you would like to use, please bring it along on your phone) which we hope will inspire the way you decide to change your garments. The garments can be cut, reassembled, embellished etc. Materials will be provided but please bring unwanted large (men’s) shirts if you have them and any materials that you think could be useful in your creative quest. At the end of the workshop we will hold a group fun fashion show where the garments can be displayed along with the music which inspired them, ending with a studio photoshoot.”

 Please book through the Sayle Gallery 674557.
Paul Parker will again be running his water colour landscape painting class this summer, this time at Thei Ellyn in Douglas – for details, contact Paul on  661713. If you missed it in the local news this week, you have a chance to win one of his paintings in the raffle at the Isle of Man Art Society’s Easter Exhibition which opens to the public on Wednesday from 10am. It’s usually a great show with a great variety of both professional artists and those who just paint for pleasure, so do go along for a look. There’s work there to suit a variety of budgets too so don’t forget your wallet or purse.

Dates for your Diary

12April – Sarah Hendy’s arts show ‘Spotlight’ on Manx Radio, 5.30 – 6.00pm (and every Wednesday)

On now – The Sayle Gallery – Cut from the same Cloth – Julie and Alice Fayle

On now – Olive Wassall and Karl Garrett at the Hodgson Loom Gallery, Laxey

On now– REM-EMBERS EMBLAZONED – David Maddrell at Studio 42

On now – 21 April – Easter Treasure Hunt in the Milntown Gardens, Ramsey – take the kids and see Rob Jones’s Drawn Steel Through the Seasons

On now until 17th April – 10am – 5pm daily -Isle of Man Art Society’s Easter Exhibition at The Village Walk, Onchan

On now  – 2 May – Noa Bakehouse – ‘Around The Mountain’ by Graham Rider

Here’s this week’s round up of images from Social Media.

And finally – if you haven’t done my latest survey yet it’s still open: A winner of the art supplies (4 paintbrushes, paper and a set of acrylic paints) will be selected at random from the Facebook thread (which is pinned to the top of the Directory’s Facebook page) next Monday and I’ll share the results with you in the coming weeks. Please make sure you like the post and leave a comment in the Facebook post to be sure of having a chance to win the art goodies.

Please note that as next weekend is Easter there will not be a news update next Monday.

Hope you all have a lovely Easter!

Jane x

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Isle of Man Art News – 10 April 2017

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