Where on earth has this year gone? It’s flying by! TT came and went at what felt like 133.962 mph and now a substantial proportion of the Island’s population is suffering from post TT blues and counting the days until TT 2017. I also just did a quick tot-up and this is my 13th weekly news update! I can hardly believe it but I guess it must be right. Thank you so much for all your support and lovely comments as it really has kept me going. Anyway, read on for this week’s news.

minilogoGraham Hall is busy, busy, busy right now – but not with wood. It’s basking shark season and Graham is Technical Advisor at Manx Basking Shark Watch. Claire Pearse (Element.isle) also got to join the crew of the ‘Happy Jack’ with the Manx Basking Shark Watch team the other day and got to see a shark. The team took underwater footage, fin photo’s which can help to identify the shark, video footage and a DNA swab. She reported that it was about 6 meters in length and that they thought it was a female. Claire said it was “Humbling being alongside and up so close and personal with such incredible creatures!”. If you spot a basking shark you can log any sightings over on the Manx Basking Shark Watch page.


It seems lots of our local Artists are interested in the basking sharks. Sally Black spotted one the other day and another 3 over the weekend – one of which was ma-hoosive, and Nicola Dixon (naughty girl!) and Jeremy Paul have posted up these pictures on FB. Jeremy did the set of stamps for the Year of The Ocean back in 1998 and was originally a marine biologist before becoming a full time Artist. The featured image this week is one of Nicola Dixon’s pictures. 

minilogoI saw ‘the bus’ in Ramsey – YAY! It looks fab and I’m really pleased with it. I’d love to keep it out on the road for another month but I don’t currently have the budget for it. The Arts Council kindly contributed towards getting it out there and I have also personally put money into it. It will cost another £168 (inclusive of VAT) to keep it out on the road for another 4 weeks. That’s 16 people x £10 or 32 people x £5. By contributing you will be helping to raise awareness of the website which is primarily for the purpose of promoting our local Artists. If you would like to donate please use the PayPal buttons below. All monies donated will go towards advertising the site. Thank you in advance. X

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minilogoSo what else is new? Well, I’m planning on doing a couple of new, regular features. The first is called ‘Art I Own’. This will feature some of the original, local artwork people have bought over the years and have in their homes. There will be a photograph of the work along with a bit of information about the piece, such as it where it was bought from or if it was a commission, if the Artist is known to the person, what they like about the piece and so on. From talking to people over the past few months I’ve found that more often than not there is a story to go with it. If you would like to contribute to this blog post, please drop me an email: jane@graceandhall.com and I will be happy to give you a call. I’m really looking forward to sharing with you all sorts of exciting work that is in private ownership.

The second new feature is called ‘Neb and Nonsense‘. Talented young cartoonist and creator of Neb Comics, Andy Noble, has kindly agreed to share his cartoon strips via the Directory. Along with the cartoon strips there will be a bit of Art Nonsense (for want of putting it politely) which I will be quoting from Art magazines amongst other sources. Here is a taster for you to snigger at now:

“As a result, these technologies appear to be dissolving a seemingly natural correspondence between visible reality and the “truth-function” of the lens-formed image.”

Yeah, right. Taken from American Art Review, April 2002. I’ve bought a whole batch of these off Ebay and I can tell already they are going to be a rich source of entertainment.


minilogoAt the Isle of Man Art Festival organised by the Creative Network at the beginning of May I had the opportunity to meet the very lovely, talented, super-organised and techno-brilliant Petrina Kent. Petrina says she “draws inspiration from her creator’s handiwork”. I was brought up as a Catholic but confess I have not attended Mass in many a long year. Although I am no longer a practising Christian there is a deep rooted ‘something’ within me which I think is more spiritual than religious. I find Petrina’s Blog posts leave me with a sense of calm and serenity and her recent photographic images will I am sure, even if you aren’t religious yourself, leave you with the same feeling. They are simply beautiful.


minilogoIf you follow this Blog regularly you will recall from last week that Stephanie Quayle’s orangutan ‘Man of The Trees’ is being exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts’ Summer Exhibition. Many thanks to Howard Shimmin for spotting this video where you can catch a glimpse of it in one of the final rooms. 


minilogoIf you enjoy these news updates, please Share them with your friends and colleagues on FB and Linkedin to help raise awareness of our very talented local Artists. If you would like to do more to help, you can advertise on this site or sponsor these news updates – just drop me a line for more information: jane@graceandhall.com. Here is a round up of images selected from Social Media this week – Enjoy.

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Have a great week!


Isle of Man Art News – 13 June 2016

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  • Hey thanks Jane, A wonderfully diverse set of artists we support on this tiny island. Love what your doing…. Fully appreciated and I will spread it about too. Petrina

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