Welcome back art lovers. I hope you have all had a wonderful time over the festive season! As this is the first news post of year I thought it might be a bit of a struggle to find things to share with you, having switched off myself over Christmas, but it only took about 5 minutes of looking through my news feed to realise that there’s almost as much going on as ever.

First of all, congratulations to Bryan Kneale, RA, who received an MBE for his services to British Art in the New Year’s Honours List. The IOM Arts Council has published an article about Bryan’s life and work which you can read here.

Sticking with the Arts Council, the next Drop In session is at The Engine House on Wednesday 16th Janaury, in preparation for the next funding meeting in early February. Call in anytime from 10am to have a chat with them about the application process. There will be a few sandwiches on at lunchtime in case you’re nipping in on your lunch break.

It’s also a great opportunity to check out the facilities for the Artist Membership option and to ask any questions you might have about how it works.

Karolina Pawlowska announded that she is changing her name on Facebook and Instagram to Cup of Layna (type @cup.of.layna to find her).

She says it’s the end of a too long, too complicated full name, and boring, not arty at all username. Layna (in Polish Lajna) is what most of her friends call her and for some strange reason, they also called her ‘Teapot’. She says she loves tea so her new art name is a combination of these 3 elements. All of her paintings, prints, clothes and murals will be sighed with her regular signature and her new Cup of Layna branding.

Congratulations to Jade Boylan who was selected as one of Gef the Mongoose’s ’30 under 30 Isle of Man’. Launched by Gef The Mongoose and sponsored by Newfield, this was “an opportunity to celebrate 30 members of the Manx community under the age of 30 who are surpassing the norms in all fields, disciplines and industries.”

I had to laugh at Jade’s post: “so I only just got home and I completely failed to realise that my little ‘gift bag’ from Gef The Mongoose included an ACTUAL FLIPPIN AWARD! 😳 Obviously it’s going straight on a shelf in my office 💖 it’s all mirrored and thus virtually impossible to take a photo of but I am VERY excited about this 😁😁😁 thank you 30 Under 30 Isle of Man 🙂 They also gave me a bottle of Babycham so if anyone needs me I’ll be at my desk listening to Beyoncé and celebrating in style.”

Frances Boyd had a great year last year and has started this year off as she means to go on by the look of it. Her new tote bags have just arrived (rather fab don’t you think?). She also posted up this tropical pattern on Linkedin getting the year off to a sunny start.

Kim Gee was very excited to have her artwork selected by Noa Bakehouse for their new location at the Market Hall. I haven’t been yet as I thought I’d let the excitement die down a bit before venturing in. It’s looking amazing from what I can see from the photos. Well done Kim, looking forward to what you have in store for us this year and good luck Noa – not that you’ll need it I’m sure.

Billee Saade has an ‘Art for the Heart’ workshop coming up 26th January at Brightlife. I’d love to do this but won’t have time unfortunately – one of these days…! Details are in the picture below.

Continuing with the street art element of his career, James Duggan posted up this amazing picture. I’m not sure where it is but shall have to go and check it out in person when I do find out where it is as it looks pretty amazing.

The Hodgson Loom Gallery is currently showing it’s Annual Art Exhibition with the theme of ‘Light’. A really stunning show this is really well worth a visit so if you haven’t been yet, go and see it.

To find out about loads of other events check out the Arts Council’s link – it’s not just visual arts events – it covers a whole variety of things from film to dance, workshops, exhibtions and club events.

Here’s the latest from FB and Instagram.

That’s it for the next couple of weeks. Do remember you can subscribe to the news to get it delivered to your inbox. Just fill in the form in the sidebar.

Jane x

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Isle of Man Art News – 14 January 2019

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