I was one of the lucky ones last week, who managed to get a ticket for the event at Noa Bakehouse about plastic in Manx waters. It was a sell-out event with over 100 people attending and over 100 more who tried to get tickets. It seems like at last people are waking up to the problems of plastic waste and the damage it is doing to wildlife and the environment.

Bill Dale, founder of Beach Buddies, is doing absolutely amazing work and his message and the example he has set of engaging 8,000+ people, that’s 10% of the Island’s population, to be involved in beach cleaning is now being used to raise awareness internationally. 

I know you are thinking, ‘what has this got to do with art?’, so I will include at this point Alice Quayle’s rather brilliant poster for raising awareness that wipes shouldn’t be flushed down the loo as they don’t biodegrade.

That’s pretty much the only arty link I have to this topic to be honest but I think it’s such an important issue that it deserves to be spoken about and publicised as much as possible. Alice is happy for you to share this image far and wide and asks that you simply credit her with the image if you do choose to use it.

It’s truly horrendous just how much plastic is used everywhere and in particular, single use plastics such as plastic water cups, coffee cups (which have a plastic lining), take away cartons – the styrofoam is actually really bad for you as contact with hot substances causes it to melt and drip into your food and gives off toxins – it’s incredible that it is allowed to be used at all. Also things like plastic straws which are served in your drink even if  you don’t ask for them, plastic bags of course, all of the plastic around fruit and vegetables – I mean seriously, 4 potatoes on a plastic tray covered in plastic wrap? It’s madness, and supermarkets need to lead the way in making a change but this will only happen if the public put pressure on them to do so. I drove from London to Liverpool on Friday with my husband and there was rubbish and plastic lining the motorways the entire route. It’s heartbreaking.

Apologies for the rant. I could go on at great length and indeed I have just edited this post and deleted several more paragraphs as I’m sure you get the gist of it. It’s up to us, each and every one of us, to help clean up our oceans and the environment so please do your bit in whatever way you can. Thank you.

Back now to arty topics! The Sayle Gallery’s first exhibition of the year will open to the public in February. It’s a retrospective show of David Gilbert’s work which will be exhibited over two locations, the Sayle Gallery and the Manx Museum and is kindly supported by the Isle of Man Arts Council. David was an art teacher and lived on the Island for a number of years. He designed the 3D relief work in the frieze around the new part of the Museum and the glass panels in the Museum doors. He also ran a farm retreat, where troubled youngsters could learn about farming and creative practice. This will be the first major exhibition of David’s work since he passed away last year. More details to follow when dates are announced.


I had lots of fun on Manx Radio this week on Women Today with Beth Espey, Christy DeHaven, Janet Lees (author and poet from the Hub, Port Erin) and the amazing singer-songwriter, Mae Challis. It was Beth’s birthday and she didn’t even know who the guests were as Christy kept it all top secret. Beth tried her hand at a bit of artwork herself as Christy bought her a ‘design your own mug’ as a gift (a picture of her masterpiece below).  If you missed it you can listen again here for the next couple of days: http://www.manxradio.com/

News Shorts


Paul Parker posted up 2 new little oil paintings he’s recently finished.


James Duggan has recently finished this fab commission at the Cherry Orchard.


Phil Kneen shared his latest blog post documenting life on the Genesis fishing boat : coffee, cigarette, repeat. It all looks a bit ‘Deadliest Catch’ to me and I’m sure Phil would argue the weather is equally ferocious, not being the best of sailors.



Karolina Pawlowska is currently showing some of her work at Castletown Town Hall – on now until the end of the month.


If you’re looking for something arty to do today, Mannnin Art Group is holdinga workshop at St. Paul’s Church Hall in Ramsey this morning starting at 10.00am. It’s likely to be a lot of fun and it will get you looking at art differently. Daphne says that Jan’s workshops are always an exciting experience and regular attendees say they never know what the end result will be, but she is such a talented artist the results are always excellent. The workshop is for any age and Mannin Art Group are happy for people to go along and try them out for one session, whether there be a workshop or not, but thereafter membership is £25 a year. Everyone is very welcome to go along. They are a friendly group of people, and as one of their members said a while ago “art is a leveler”, it doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, everyone is the same at the art group. 

What’s On


On now at Studio 42, Port St. Mary – ‘A Place Known’ by Daniel Price

On now until 27 January 2018; Manx Tholtans at the Manx Museum – Ray Kelly and Niamh Kelly

On now – Courtyard Artists’ Christmas Exhibition – The Isle Gallery

On now – Hodgson Loom – Open Art Competition ‘Space’

17 January – Manx Radio 5.30pm-6pm Spotlight with Sarah Hendy


Upcoming Workshops:


15 January – Mannin Art Group Workshop, St. Paul’s Church Hall Ramsey 10am-1pm

15 January – Teens Masterclass (5 week course, age 13+) 6pm-8.30pm – The Isle Gallery

16 January – Winter Sunset in Oils (3 part workshop) / 23 Jan / 30 Jan – click the link for full details – Anna Clucas – The Isle Gallery

18 January – IOM Drawing Club – January Life Drawing at Noa Bakehouse 7pm-9pm – Kim Gee Studio

20 January – Photography Workshop with Brook Wassall – Ballakermeen Studio Theatre 2pm-4pm 

26 January – Photographer’s Meeting Place – The Sayle Gallery – 6pm-8pm(ish)

28 January – Exhibition on Screen – Cezanne – 3pm-4pm Erin Arts Centre

10 February – Beginners’ Modern Calligraphy Workshop, Laxey Pavillion, Oh My Pen & Press 10.30am-12.30pm and 1.30pm-3.30pm

12 February – The Hobbit – Journey to Middle Earth – 9.30am-12.30pm – The Isle Gallery

12 February – Action Jackson (Jackson Pollock) for kids – 2.30pm-5pm – The Isle Gallery 

13 February – Monster Pots – Who can make the best worst pot – Age 5+ 10am-12.3pm – The Isle Gallery

If you’ve got a workshop or class coming up that you would like me to share please just drop me an email: graceandhall@gmail.com or get in touch via Facebook/Messenger.


Here’s this week’s round up of images from Social Media. Click on the pictures to view in the lightbox.


There are also some amazing photographs posted on the Peel Online Facebook page, the finalists in this year’s photo competition. Here are just 3 of the 36 shortlisted. Apologies that I cannot credit the following photos with the names of the photographers as they aren’t listed on the post, but do check them out as they are stunning.


Have a great week!

Jane x

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Isle of Man Art News – 15 January 2018

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