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Good morning 2017! What a beautiful start to the year – the sun is beaming in through my window as I write this. I thought I’d do a round up this week of some of the highlights of 2016, so without further ado, here it is…

The Manx Museum hosted two fabulous shows during the year, Chris Killip’s ‘Isle of Man Revisited’:

and Roger Dean’s ‘Islands and Bridges’, which was exceptional and very well received, one of MNH’s most popular shows ever:

There was the IOM College end of year exhibition – lovely ceramics by Lucy Pendlebury; Grace Harrop (centre) and Claire McMahon’s work in the third pic:

Helen Tate, Rosie Wood, Bryan Moore and Kirsten Penzes graduated from the BA Hons in Fine Arts course which was taught at the Douglas Market Hall:

Douglas Market Hall played host to the Essentia exhibition and ‘Just under the Surface’ which featured Helen Fox’s erosion piece and several of the Make Market events were held there over the summer ….

Opposite the Market Hall we had Jimmy Duggan’s mural on the side of Spill the Beans Coffee Shop. He also added to his portfolio of street art at Guttery Gable and had his work exhibited at a few of the Isle Gallery shows including the fabulous Creative Network’s Isle of Man Art Festival.

I really enjoyed the IOM Art Festival – it was a great weekend and hopefully it will be even better this year. There were open studios in Peel, a collection of Artisans at the Corrin Hall, venues in Douglas at the Market Hall and Noa Bakehouse and southern venues included Grenaby Studios, Studio 42 and Petrina Kent.

I tried to get to all of the venues which was a pretty epic weekend for me. In doing so I discovered Graham Hall, Element.Isle and Juliet Petrarulo at the lovely artistic hub that is Grenaby Studios, Ballabeg:

Heading further South still I met the very lovely and talented Petrina Kent:

Over at Studio 42 in Port St. Mary, Eban hosted some lovely work during the year. Eban is a great supporter of young up-and-coming Artists and hosted ‘RED’ early in the year, an exhibition of student work by Rebekah Corlett, Erin Dimelow and Daniel Price:

The Isle Gallery hosted some fab exhibitions this year, the ones that stand out most for me being that of Juan Moore’s sell out show ‘Odd Days’

and Bruno Cavellec, who had a very successful 2016 and has been a regular in my news updates:

Through Bruno I met Christy De Haven and now do a regular, monthly update on Manx Radio’s Women Today programme.

The ArtReach ladies, Kate Jerry, Colette Gambell and Anna Clucas at The Isle Gallery ran a number of very successful workshops for both adults and children and there are already a number of new classes scheduled in the calendar for 2017, so check it out if one of your New Year’s resolutions is to be more creative! I’ve changed the calendar to a Google one so that you can save events from it directly into your own calendar so you don’t miss a thing 😉

Anna produced a new masterpiece, Vinnie, (pictured here with Kate, Anna and Bruno).

Nancy Corkish, David Byrne and Friends were the final show of the year at the Isle Gallery (which you can still see until Sunday 8th January). Well worth a visit. Amongst the friends exhibiting is Sally Black, who had a solo show at Noa Bakehouse in November. I loved the way her colourful and vibrant paintings contrasted with the corrugated walls:

Svetlana Cameron had a very successful year and exhibited in the Tynwald Library and  had a very prestigious solo show in Kensington High Street, London.

Katy Mitchell also had a great year, participating in the Cup Collaboration, holding a couple of open studios and selling her work widely at a number of events throughout the year. She is also a supplier at the Food Assembly organised by Noa Bakehouse .

Miles Pettit and the team at Noa Bakehouse have been fantastic supporters of the Arts and won the ‘Innovation and Independent Thinking Category’ in the Isle of Man Newspaper’s Awards for Excellence. They have also hosted shows and events throughout the year and are the ‘go-to’ venue for creatives.

Of course there were some low points too. Early in the year we tragically lost Simon Buttimore and then in July, David Gilbert. They have left a legacy to the Island in their work and many fond memories with those who knew them.

The Sayle Gallery hosted a show of Simon’s work entitled ‘A Man Apart’ which was very well received by the Art community. It’s been a rocky road for The Sayle this last year and Mr Damian Chiappelli and Mr John Sheath both stood down from the board of directors towards the end of the year. The Sayle hosted a number of shows including Cian Quayle’s ‘Points of Departure’, Nicole Stott’s ‘Around the World in 90 Minutes’, ‘The Art of Darkness’ by Julian Simmonds, Peter Davies’s ‘Of Time and Place’ and the fun ‘Art in the Park’ event in August, with Rob Smith, Celine Appleyard, David Metaxas and Gavin Carter amongst others.

There were a couple of exhibitions at The Sayle that I particularly liked. The first was Rob Jones’s ‘Drawn Steel’:

Colleen Corlett had a solo show “Answering the Need to Create”, an incredible collection of work which demonstrated just how many disciplines this remarkable lady has mastered:

and Paul Parker also had a show at The Sayle during November (another show I very much enjoyed seeing).

Not all Artists had shows and not all of them trade their wares at local events, however, that doesn’t mean they’re not still grafting away. One such regular in my news posts is Phil Kneen and I make no secret of it that I’m a big fan of his work.

I used the centre picture above ‘Lace’ as the featured image on one of my News Posts and the readership of that one was notably higher than previous weeks – I can’t image why 🙂 !! Phil’s post on The Jungle at Calais was highlighted by WordPress and widely read during the period the camp was being dismantled.

Nicola Dixon, one of our most popular local Artists, had a very busy year working on a number of commissions, selling at local events, teaching classes and helping to educate me by sending me all sorts of useful bits of info, introducing me to people, lending me books and being generous with her knowledge.

I’ve had lots of help from so many Artists in setting this website up but special thanks indeed to Nicola, Juan Moore, Bruno Cavellec, Jeremy Paul, Petrina Kent, Sally Black and Claire Pearse.

Jeremy Paul, who I haven’t mentioned as yet, had a very productive year and took his bi-annual exhibition to Guernsey. He produced some lovely new work and also spent a couple of days at The Sayle Gallery during the IOM Art festival.

The Hodgson Loom Gallery in Laxey also hosted some great exhibitions including ‘Inspiration and the process of Creation’, ‘Summer Symphony of Silk’, ‘Chinese Whispers’ and a ‘Summer Invitational’ which included Artists Howard Shimmin, Rebecca Odessa, Clara Nathan and Kasia Mirska.

The stand out shows for me at the Hodgson Loom besides the ‘Summer Invitational’ were ‘Elemental’ with Artists Julia Ashby Smyth, Neil Milsom and Liz Cowin:

and Creature Cornucopia with work by Erika Kermode and Meriel Burden:

I can’t mention everyone here so my apologies if I’ve missed anyone out that I should have given a shout out to – Alice Quayle, Celine Appleyard, Frances Boyd, Hebe Atzori and Alice Fayle to name but a few. Thanks also to Usha Kishore and Carola Colley for sharing their lovely work ‘The Bones of Time’:

and Andy Noble for sharing his comic strips – with congratulations to him, Bryan Moore and the B43D team on the publication of their graphic novel ‘A World Apart’.

Congratulations also to Steph Quayle on her fabulous Orangutan ‘Man of The Trees’  which was shown at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and her ‘Urban Jungle’ windows for Hermes in Tokyo. Her husband, Darren Jackson, recently made the fantastic ice mirror in Douglas over the Christmas period and it sounds like they have great plans for the coming year.

Phew – what a year! If that’s anything to go by we’ve got a lot to look forward to in 2017. I think that’s it. So much happened during 2016 – oh – I didn’t mention the Isle of Man Art Society’s Easter Exhibition which was held at the Village Walk in Onchan! I suppose that is possibly one of the first major events on the calendar to look forward to. Look out also for Julie Collins’s exhibition at The Isle Gallery later this year, Adam Berry’s stamps which will be released later this month and Gary Bennett who is working in the background on a substantial commission which I hope to tell you more about as the year unfolds.

Please feel free to leave a comment below about any of the shows you particularly enjoyed.

Coming up:-

On now until 8th January– Nancy Corkish, David Bryne and Friends at The Isle Gallery

On now to the beginning of February – Hodgson Loom Open Art Competition show

9 January – 24 February – Bob Hitchin’s Digi-rama at the Erin Arts Centre

20 January – 19 February – Ruth Blindell and Laura Espinosa at The Sayle Gallery

If you have any Visual Arts events planned that you would like me to let people know about in the News and add to the Calendar, please do let me know.

Looking forward to keeping you all up-to-date in the coming weeks and months with what’s happening here on the incredible Isle of Man!

With very best wishes to you all for 2017.

Jane x

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Isle of Man Art News – 2 January 2017

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  • Brilliant resume of a very busy year both for Manx artists – and you. Thank you so much for all the hard work you do representing us. We are all, I’m sure, very grateful for your energy and support x

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