I had a great evening last Thursday when I was invited to give a talk and presentation at the Creative Industries’ 10th public meeting, along with digital marketing guru Dyana Carrins and local entrepreneur and artist, Jade Boylan. I can hardly believe I’ve managed to get through my working career to date without having to give a presentation, but indeed ’tis so. I’m glad to report that having got over an initial panic it wasn’t as awful as it might have been and I actually really enjoyed sharing a few tips on Facebook that I thought people might not know about (mainly around creating lists, saving posts and sharing events). Dyana got us all thinking and talking in groups about our own businesses which was very interesting and Jade showcased her Instagram and Pinterest accounts. Jade has absolutely nailed her target market and has over 30,000 followers around the world. Pretty awe-inspiring stuff. Anyway, the feedback on the evening seemed to be quite positive and if anyone would like a copy of my presentation just drop me a note and I will be happy to forward it on: graceandhall@gmail.com.

Jade Boylan’s great artwork produced as pins and patches which she sells worldwide using her Instagram account.

Jeremy Paul, whose current exhibition ‘Wildlife – an Artist’s View’ is on at the Isle Gallery, is giving a talk and slideshow presentation on Thursday November 2nd at The Isle Gallery, Tynwald Mills. The talk will cover trips to Costa Rica, India and Madagascar to obtain reference material for paintings including sloths, tigers and lemurs. It will also include ‘step by step’ images showing the painting process of a couple of paintings included in the exhibition. All proceeds will be donated to David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation. Contact the gallery (801751) to reserve a place or follow the link:  https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/travels-of-a-wildlife-artist…

The fabulous Bruno Cavellec has produced another great book cover for his friend, author Graham Hamer. I’m copying in the book synopsis that Graham has posted on his Facebook page as it’s too good not to share:

“Picasso’s Secret’ is now available in eBook format (paperback soon to follow). This is my 9th book in The Island Connection series. With another brilliant cover by the talented Bruno Cavellec Art.

A valuable painting has disappeared and Penny Chakyar, a slightly-built, dusky young detective is tasked by her chief constable with finding it. Penny is teamed with Josh, a tall, well-proportioned constable with a washboard stomach and abs you could grate cheese on. Josh is not all he seems to be, as Penny soon discovers. Meanwhile, twins Brian and Sue Hodgetts are increasingly unhappy with their court-appointed guardians. But nowhere near as unhappy as the two guys who roll a van loaded with stolen goods and find themselves in jail awaiting trial. Meanwhile, Maddi and Jason are caught in a compromising position by Boris, who has taken incriminating photos on his cell phone. While he’s doing that, Daisy Norwood has a few too many vodka and tonics for breakfast and sets fire to her house, exposing the secrets in her cellar. It’s just another tale of life on ‘The Island’ where the loose ends come together at the end and Josh gets exactly what he deserves.” 


Roger Dean this week changed the cover photo on his Facebook page for a new work of his that I had the privilege to see in person when I visited his home a couple of months or so ago and I thought you might like to see it too. Roger was recently invited to attend the International Moon Base Summit which was held in Hawaii at the beginning of this month and when I last saw him he was also working on a picture he had been commissioned to do of what the International Moon Base might look like – it was awesome. I hope he might be able to share it in the not too distant future. To give you some idea of what the summit was about, here are a few words I’ve copied over that describe the purpose of the event:

This summit brought together leaders from industry, academia, government and the student community to refine the vision and lay the groundwork for the world’s first permanent settlement on the Moon.  Apollo astronaut, Buzz Aldrin, attended the summit and in his address he encouraged the development of the International Moon Base as a valuable gateway to Mars.

“Because of its geography, geology and culture, Hawaii is the perfect place to build a moon base prototype. We will build a moon base within the next decade. Moon base Mahini Lani (Moon Heaven) is the key to long term sustainable life on our fragile blue planet.”


Svetlana Cameron this week shared an extract from her recent interview for a professional art magazine. “…I approach commissioned portraits exactly the same way as I would approach other types of painting. The most important aspect is design, which includes things like composition, abstract shapes, lines leading the eye, height/width ratio, negative space, etc. The next most important thing is value pattern – distribution of light and shadow masses and transitions between them, degree of contrast, and the effect called ‘counterchange’ (when the edge of the same object changes from light-against-dark to dark-against-light). Then goes colour scheme – choice of complementary colours, warm/cool colour relationships, muted colours vs bright colour accents, etc. And, finally, things like soft/hard edges, accurate likeness to please the client, and fine details to add visual interest and hold the viewer’s attention. The technical approach is always the same regardless of the subject of the painting.”

Of the picture below, which is a detail of an official portrait she is working on, Svetlana comment that it ‘needs softer edges, more colour adjustments, and some missing details, but will be finished soon.’

News Shorts

Darren Jackson’s loaghtan ram which was installed on Douglas Head earlier this year took a beating from Storm Ophelia and the local constabulary tweeted: “Looks like the giant Ram on Douglas head has done one! Let us know if you see him! #MissingRamIOM”

Kim Graziano has announced two upcoming dates in November for the next IOM Drawing Club meetings. The first is on 16 November at Noa Bakehouse, 7pm – 9pm and is ‘Pregnant Life Drawing’ and the second at the Village Walk in Onchan is Fashion Illustration. These are hugely popular events so make sure you book early!

There are loads of great classes coming up at The Isle Gallery run by the lovely ArtReach ladies. Check out their Facebook page for lots of ideas (and they make great gifts for Christmas too).

Castletown Harbour by artist Flaxney Stowell

If you’re interested in older local paintings there are plenty to be found on this lovely Facebook Page, Manx Paintings, administered by Fenella Collister.

I’m giving away 4 packs of Jeremy Paul’s lovely Christmas cards again this year. It’s a Facebook competition so head to the Directory page where the post is pinned to the top. To enter, just tag in a friend who you think might not know about the Directory – and if they live off-island then that is even better (but not a factor in relation to whether or not you win). So just tag a friend (or a few) and you’re in. I’ll draw a winner on 1 November.  Good luck!

Dates for your Diary

On now until 19 November;  ‘Painted Dreams’ by Eileen Schaer a the House of Manannan, Peel

On now until 12 November; ‘Wildlife – an Artist’s View” – Jeremy Paul at The Isle Gallery

On now until 12 November; ‘BC20 FK17’ at The Sayle Gallery

On now until 28 October – All things Loaghtan at the Hodgson Loom Gallery

On now at Studio 42, Port St. Mary – ‘A Place Known’ by Daniel Price

On now until 27 January 2018; Manx Tholtans at the Manx Museum – Ray Kelly and Niamh Kelly

31 October – ‘Book of Life’ – Clay Mask Children’s Art Workshop run by Artreach Studios at The Isle Gallery

16 November – IOM Drawing Club – Pregnant Life Drawing at Noa Bakehouse, 7pm-9pm

24 November – IOM Drawing Club – Fashion Illustration, 7pm – 8pm

Here’s this week’s round up of images from Social Media. Click on the pictures to view in the lightbox.

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Have a great week!

Jane x

Isle of Man Art News – 23 October 2017

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