I’m sure everyone is well aware that it’s now the school holidays and there are six and half long weeks in which you need to keep your school age offspring entertained. It can be difficult, especially if you work full time, and I have to admit that I don’t miss my children not being of school age one little bit. I know it can be quite a challenge to find interesting things for them to do over the holidays and I wish now that I had looked for more creative activities for them in those days. Fortunately there are some great things to do this summer and if cost is a constraint you could do a lot worse than just buying in a variety of art supplies and paper. I keep hearing it being said that the creative industries are becoming increasingly important as more and more of our jobs as we know them are replaced by advances in technology, so get them painting, making and crafting – you could be setting them up for their future careers while they think they are just having fun!

Here are a few ideas to check out: The Isle Gallery (all sorts of fun classes run by the fabulous ArtReach ladies); Manx National Heritage – check out their What’s On page; The Sayle Gallery – more great workshops after the success of Art in the Park last year; Youth Arts Centre on Kensington Road – Click here for performing arts; Craftworks Studio – pottery painting;  and there’s also loads of things to do at The Family Library.

If you fancy a workshop for yourself, Billee Saade is running a workshop at Brightlife on 9th September:-  “Art for the heart” is a day of self exploration and creative expression. This workshop provides you with the opportunity to reconnect to creativity playfully, yet with meaning, and has been designed to work in two parts:-

Part I: Working intuitively with an element of freestyle drawing and painting.
Part II: A structured directional approach, which incorporates coaching and mindfulness practice to establish and express personal goals, dreams and aspirations.

You will be guided by Billee through exercises such as painting to music, working with elements of colour therapy and utilising art and design techniques to enable you to vision the changes you want to see. This is an excellent opportunity to find your inner artist, build confidence and rediscover the joy of creative expression with lots of fun along the way. A day for all regardless of your level of ability, a time to be creative, inspired and leave feeling re-energised!

The new show at the Hodgson Loom Gallery, ‘Moving On’ by Talking Textiles opened on Saturday and I have to say my journey into the appreciation of textile art continues to weave its way to wondrous enlightenment. It really is a lovely show and I am in awe that these nimble fingered ladies can create such beautiful pieces of art with fabric, thread and dye. Julia Ashby-Smyth’s skill at curating is yet again seemingly effortless, although I know for a fact that she works extremely hard. Well done to all – Carol Baker, Julie Fayle, Maureen Kennaugh, Jenny Payne, Janice Rotheroe and Andrea Swann –  (and to Julia of course for putting it all together) for a really lovely show.

The last show at the Hodgson Loom was the Manx Cancer Help art project which has been hugely successful with the final figure raised totaling £5,051. The unsold canvases are now going to be displayed at the hospital so there will still be an opportunity to buy them and support the charity further.

Juan Moore’s new project at Worserthings.com is worth a follow – you can now follow on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterst. There are new images every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to enjoy, although I have to say, some of the things that seem to worry Juan have never even crossed my mind ….. such as being accidentally vaporised by a satellite!

Colleen Corlett, a lady with an arsenal of skills in her belt, posted up this picture this week. It’s an image made on wood using the pyrography kit she got earlier this year and I think it’s worth of a line or two in the news just because it’s so captivating.

Website news…. I’ve been having a few technical problems this week and have had to change my email address. My jane@graceandhall.com email address was a ‘hangover’ from my first website which didn’t really take off but served as a useful learning curve. I was hosting that website with Bluehost which in its cpanel allows you to have an email address without ‘hotmail’ or ‘gmail’ etc. in it which generally looks a bit more professional. Having decided last year that this website was no longer of any use to me I decided to let it expire and just renewed the domain, not thinking it through and realising that it would kill my email in the process. I got onto their online chat support but the cost to have the basic package was a lot more expensive than getting my business cards reprinted, so I’ve gone with the latter option. If anyone wants to contact me by email please now use the graceandhall@gmail.com address which some of you use already.

My second bit of website news is that this is the last news post for a few weeks. I’m away with my old school friends for a long weekend in Amsterdam next weekend (look out ‘Dam!) and then off on holiday to thaw my bones in Spain for a couple of weeks with my husband. Fortunately we have built in dog-sitters these days. As I’ve already mentioned, we are at that stage in life where the kids are old enough to fly the nest – but we can’t actually get rid of them. Well that’s not entirely true …. it’s more like the revolving door syndrome where one of them goes and before you know it, another one (or sometimes the same one) comes back. We’ve had more house moves in and out of our house than most people have in a lifetime! Ah well, we love them really. And they are useful dog sitters. Never fear, I’ll be back soon with more arty goodness for you.

Dates for your Diary

On now until 10 September –  “This is Summer” exhibition at the House of Manannan

On now at Studio 42, Port St. Mary – Ellie Baker’s “Still the Breeze”

On now at the Hodgson Loom Gallery – Talking Textiles

On now until 31 July – Isle of Architecture #ilovethisbuilding exhibition at Noa Bakehouse

23 July – Art Journal Boot Camp 2017 at the Isle Gallery

25 July – Art Journal Boot Camp for Children at the Isle Gallery

26 July – Sarah Hendy’s arts show ‘Spotlight’ on Manx Radio, 5.30 – 6.00pm (and every Wednesday)

29 July – 3 September – Tabula Rasa at The Sayle Gallery

31 July – Summer Boot Camp A at the Isle Gallery

1 August, 6pm-8pm – Preview of Natalie Norton’s ‘Circles of my Mind’ at the Erin Arts Centre, Port Erin

6 August – Creative Open Day at the Sayle Gallery

7 August – Watercolour Mandalas & Sacred Geometry at the Isle Gallery

8 August – Kids Ceramic Summer Fish Dish at the Isle Gallery

8 August – Mum and Me Ceramic Workshop at the Isle Gallery

And finally, here’s this week’s round up of images from Social Media.

Have a great few weeks – back soon!

Jane x

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Isle of Man Art News – 24 July 2017

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