I’ve been a bit under the weather this week, but putting the weekly art news together certainly does help to lift the spirits especially when there is so much amazing stuff going on. 

Because I haven’t been out and about, I’ve decided to launch my drawing challenge this week. This came about from conversation I had with Roger Dean (of Yes and Uriah Heap album cover fame, as well as much, much more). I happened to be talking to him the night I went to the Isle of Man Drawing Club life drawing event last year and was laughing telling him about it and how hopeless I expected to be. He said to me that it takes around 16 hours of application, at whatever you choose to do, to attain a level of competence. So if, for example, you learn to drive, the idea is in 16 hours you should see a noticeable improvement.

I decided to put this to the test. Regular readers of this blog will know that I am a complete novice at anything arty, the only things I have drawn since leaving school being the stick figures I drew with Beth and Christy on my first visit to Women Today, a workshop I did at the Isle Gallery so I could say with conviction what I thought about it, a miniature painting for the Manx Cancer Help project last year and the life drawing I just mentioned – again done with the intention that I could write about it in the news.

To keep myself motivated and challenged for this experiment, I decided to do an A to Z, choosing a subject beginning with each letter of the alphabet, figuring that if I spent around an hour on each picture, by the time I got to ‘P’ I should have put in 16 hours or more. This is my first picture, A for Anime.

I’m going to pin it to the top of the Facebook page tomorrow and invite anyone, especially absolute beginners like me, to do a picture of a subject beginning with ‘A’ and add it into the comments. If there are enough I’ll start a gallery page we can look back at. Please put what your ‘A’ is for (A for Apple, A for Arctic, A for Anteater…). Next week I’ll put up ‘B’ and so on. Please do join in – you don’t have to do one every week but I think it will be fun to see what different ideas and styles there are and to see how we progress. I started out with a sketch book and some coloured pencils so you don’t need to invest massive sums of money to have a go. Let’s see what happens 🙂


Milen Stankov, who had an exhibition at Ramsey Town Hall back in April 2016, has been working on another social documentary project. His new photographic exhibition “Island Voices – Journeys to the Isle of Man” has been organized by One World Centre and opens at the Manx Museum from 26 February until 17 March. 


Rebecca Odessa, whose work I love not only because of its exquisite execution but also for the thought and inspiration behind her work, has produced a lovely new piece called ‘The Garden’, based on the idealised theory that there once existed in old Europe a matriarchal society that worshiped the divine feminine (or Great Goddess) – a time when peace and wisdom prevailed. I haven’t asked her about her intention with the piece but for me the harmony in the use of colour I think very successfully conveys balance and wisdom.


I’m delighted this week to welcome Patricia Tutt to the Directory. Patricia sent me quite a few of her fabulous photographs for me to choose from for her Directory entry and I’ve included three here which don’t appear on her page (which you can check out here).  I think I like her work so much because I’m a bit of an architecture fan, which is the subject of some of her most wonderful photographs. She says she has always taken images of street photography, landscape, wildlife, flora and anything that lets her tell a story or make some form of social commentary and she particularly likes to create mood and atmosphere with form, texture, space and the play of light – whether with architectural subjects or natural scenes. Patricia is an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society. Her work has been exhibited in the Isle of Man, the UK, and Malawi.


Bruno Cavellec posted up his latest work, of which he said “A couple of years ago, I was approached by Tom Mulchinock, a musician who was looking for an image to illustrate his first album, a collection of deeply personal songs written during the last 10 years. I was immediately touched by Tom’s honesty and his turbulent journey which he shared very openly with me. At that point, I knew that I wanted to be part of his project, it’s wasn’t just about the music, there was a strong human dimension, a sense of vulnerability and recovery which, for personal reasons, appealed to me very much. Constant communication, freedom and trust allowed us to come up with this image which I am very proud to reveal today. I can’t thank Tom enough for having given me this fantastic opportunity to be creative without a list of rules and restrictions. Creativity is free flowing and if you restrict the process, you are in the risk of killing it.
“This Wooden Ship” from Tom Mulchinock Music is now available on Amazon, Spotify, iTunes and Apple Music.”


News Shorts


Elaine Edge (Manx Mosaics by Elli) has been preparing for her upcoming workshop. Look at all those sweeties she’s got for you to play with!

She’s also making the most amazing flower decorations – ‘Wonderwalls by Elli’. Gorgeous!


Adam Berry has been sharing some of the images that graced a set of our local stamps last year. I absolutely love these and make no apology for putting them in the news again.


Culture Vannin, whose remit is to support, promote and celebrate the culture of the Isle of Man, does so to some extent via grant awards which are open to everyone. Their grants support not only events, publications, research & creativity relating to Manx culture, but also everything from Manx music, literature and language through to heritage transport, ecology, history and architecture. The next funding deadline is 6th March. Forms and information are available from their grants page: https://www.culturevannin.im/page_286028.html


Phil Kneen took this great shot of singer songwriter Mae Challis. You can find out some more about her journey to date on the latest blog and vlog post by the Isle of Man Arts Council.  http://www.iomarts.com/news/article/mae-/


Coming up Sunday, Keird Collective are having a pop-up at the Old Fire Station in Castletown – an ideal place to pick up something lovely for Mother’s Day on the 11th (hint hint my darlings). 


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What’s On


On now – 5 May – ‘Crossing Open Ground’ – David Gilbert: A Retrospective – at the Manx Museum and The Sayle Gallery

On now – Mannin Art Group Exhibition at Milntown Cafe

On now – Manx Miniatures at The Isle Gallery

On now – 17 March – Hodgson Loom Gallery – Isle of Man Photographic Society 80th Anniversary Exhibition

26 February – 17 March – “Island Voices- Journeys to the Isle of Man” by Milen Stankov at the Manx Museum

28 February – Manx Radio 5.30pm-6pm Spotlight with Sarah Hendy

4 March – Keird Collective 10am – 4pm – The Old Fire Station, Castletown

4 March – Exhibition on Screen, Leonardo at the Erin Arts Centre – 3pm – 4.30pm

28 March – 2 April – Isle of Man Art Society Easter Art Exhibition


Upcoming Workshops:


26 February – Absolute Beginners in Watercolour Painting – 7pm-9.30pm – The Isle Gallery

27 February – Absolute Beginners in Watercolour Painting – 10am-12.30pm – The Isle Gallery

27 & 28 February – Manx Mosaics by Ellie – Design and Create a Mosaic Heart – Workshop – from 6pm at St. Catherine’s Church Hall, Port Erin

1 March – Printmaking for Beginners and Improvers – 7pm-9.30pm – The Isle Gallery

2 March – Printmaking for Beginners and Improvers – 10am-12.30pm – The Isle Gallery

2 March – An Evening of Urban Screen Printing – 7pm-9.30pm – The Isle Gallery

3 March – Art for the Heart – Perfect Harmony – 10am-4pm – Ramsey

10 March – Beginners Creative Photography Workshop (Saturday, 10th Mar / 7th Apr 2018)

18 March – DIY Mothers Day Crafts – Mum & Me for adults – 1pm-4pm – The Isle Gallery

17 April – Silk Painting with Jean Buck 10am-4pm – IOM Art Society

26 April – Absolute Beginners in Ceramics – Night Time course – 7pm -9.30pm 

If you’ve got a workshop or class coming up that you would like me to share please just drop me an email: graceandhall@gmail.com or get in touch via Facebook/Messenger.


Here’s this week’s round up of images from Social Media. Click on the pictures to view in the lightbox.



Have a great week!

Jane x

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Isle of Man Art News – 26 February 2018

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  • I loved the picture Rebecca Odessa has done and would be interested to see more of her work.

    I would have liked to have gone to the Mosaic workshop but it was in February and I didn’t received your email until today, 5th March but I love your articles

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