Happy Bank Holiday Monday! It was a lovely surprise on Friday when I discovered it was bank holiday weekend as I had completely forgotten. I’ve got all sorts of things on my ‘to do’ list and the extra day will make all the difference so I’m very grateful for it too!

I’ve been busy updating the website with all kinds of upcoming events and putting in different ways you can search for what’s going on. I’ve added a couple of new categories in the right hand side bar ‘What’s On Q3 2016’ and ‘What’s On Q4 2016’, so you can just click on those if you prefer rather than using the calendar. I’m also now able to offer professional hanging rails and can arrange for these to be installed for you if you aren’t too handy with a drill. So you can either buy and fit yourself or buy and we’ll fit it for you. Check out the pages to read more about it.

This week’s art round up is especially delicious I think, with lots of my favourite Artists included so, in no particular order, read on!

minilogoThere are some very exciting goings on down near the Douglas Market Hall at the moment. Jimmy Duggan is painting a mural on the side of Spill the Beans coffee shop. It’s not finished quite yet but it’s getting there. There are a few pictures of this on FB but I’ve chosen the one with the ladder in it to give you an idea of the scale of this piece. It’s mahoosive! If you’re an office-dweller like me, instead of whiling away your lunch hour in the shops why not do something different and take a walk down towards the quay and take a look at it? If you’re quick and get there in the next couple of days you might still get to see Jimmy working on it – do say hello if you do.

minilogoYoung and very talented illustrator, Hebe Atzori has been working with Claire Christian Couture recently. I absolutely love Hebe’s work. Here are a couple of her pictures, aren’t they gorgeous? Click to view in the Lightbox.

minilogoComing up in October, The Isle Gallery will host Bruno Cavellec’s solo show ‘Lifted’. Bruno released the poster for it a couple of days ago and if this is a taster of what we can expect then I’m first in the queue at the opening. Although I don’t do camping, so don’t expect to see me there at midnight with a sleeping bag and thermos flask (there are limits after all…).

minilogoPhil Kneen has posted up some lovely pictures in the last couple of weeks and you’ll be able to see more of his work at The Isle Gallery next month in the ‘Black & White’ exhibition of Contemporary Art and Print. I’m a big fan of Phil’s work and these pictures in particular caught my eye. The first is of his daughter, Jess. She really is a beautiful looking girl and already has a very classy image – that red lipstick is becoming a trademark look for her. The second picture, ‘Lace’ (which is not Jess but a lady called Laura I think) is a lovely shot with the pattern of the lace casting shadows on her midriff. Phil works with a small team to produce a lot of his pictures including hair and makeup artists (for the models of course, not for Phil) – the results are well worth the effort.

minilogoColleen Corlett has been posting up some awesome pictures on FB recently. Getting ready for her upcoming show she’s been working with pastels which she says she is ‘learning a lot about’ and the results really are fabulous. How amazing is this gorgeous pussy kitten?

minilogoDates for your  Diary:

On now through to 19 November – Manx Museum – ‘Islands and Bridges’ The Art of Roger Dean

On now – Studio 42 – Summer Show (Win Norton and Catherine James)

On now – The Sayle Gallery – Art in the Park Display / Rob Smith / Celine Appleyard / David Metaxas

2 September – Women Today – listen in from 2.00pm to hear the latest Art round-up

2 September to 25 September – The Isle Gallery – Black & White, contemporary Art and Print

4 September – The Isle Gallery – Black & White – meet the Artists (2.00pm – 4.30pm)

6 September – Oil Painting – Seascapes at the Isle Gallery

8 September – The Isle Gallery – start of a 6-8 week course of printmaking for adults

10 September – The Isle Gallery – Coil Pot Making and Decorating (10.00am to 2.30pm)

10 September to 1 October – Hodgson Loom Gallery – Chinese Whispers

11 September – Frida Khalo Wall Panel – Mixed Media at The Isle Gallery (10.00am to 3.00pm)

18 September – Abstract Acrylics at The Isle Gallery (10.00am to 1.00pm)

2 October to 30 October – Bruno Cavellec – Solo show ‘Lifted’ at The Isle Gallery

7th October –  Paul Parker at the Braaid Hall – Watercolour Painting (5 days on light and tone over 5 weeks)

minilogoHere are a few more images I have rounded up from the internet this week for you. Click to view – Enjoy!

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Have a great week!


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Isle of Man Art News – 29 August 2016
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