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I’ve been away over the weekend, visiting one of my old school friends who had her 50th birthday yesterday, and knowing that I would struggle to get the news written on Sunday night I decided to write this in advance with a change of format to give you some info from the surveys you kindly completed a few weeks ago.

I launched the website on 10th March last year and I think it’s testament to the amount of interest there is in the arts on the Isle of Man that the website receives so much engagement week on week, so thank you all for your support. While I’m doing thank you’s, I’d also like to thank the Isle of Man Arts Council who sponsor these news posts and Pokerstars for their continued support through 2017.

In my first survey I was particularly interested to know what people thought about the website, what they liked about it and what they didn’t like about it. There were 40 respondents and I was really pleased that everyone seems to be pretty happy with it. I’ve already incorporated some of the comments relating to how the site could be improved (such as the Google Calendar and Guest Posts) and I’m working on other ideas which I hope to roll out in due course.

The second survey related to Exhibitions held during 2016 and this survey had 36 respondents. I was interested to know what impact, if any, the Directory has made and whether or not it is helping to get people to events they might not otherwise have gone to or bought art or gone to workshops. I think it’s quite encouraging that of 36 respondents, nearly 25% bought artwork because of something they saw on the Directory with a total value of around £2,300. Scale that up and it starts to look promising.

Clearly, looking at Question 7, I’ve done a lot of talking over the past year! Getting people to know about the website is about the hardest job there is, so anything you can do to help spread the word about it is very much appreciated.

As a marker for future reference, the Facebook page currently has 1,204 likes; Twitter 85 followers and Instagram 152 followers.

The following information is from Google Analytics from the period 1 October 2016 – 3 February 2017. I think the majority of the UK users must in fact be Isle of Man but look how many sessions are from the US! Interesting stuff. I put all of the countries in because I think it’s just astounding to see the reach of the internet. If anyone is any good a refining Google Analytics to make it more meaningful and is happy to help please let me know.

I hope you found this interesting. If you have any comments you can use the comment box below. Normal service will be resumed next week.

Dates for your Diary

On now – Western Photographic Society Exhibition at the Manx Museum

On now – 24 February – Bob Hitchin’s Digi-rama at the Erin Arts Centre

On now – 19 February – ‘4 Years On’ and ‘Thalloo as Keayn’ (Land and Sea) at The Sayle Gallery

4 February – Manx Landscapes and Seascapes at The Isle Gallery (Group Show)

11 February – 10am to 4pm, Introduction to Silk Painting : Manx Folklore – venue Manx Museum

9 February – Noa Bakehouse at 6pm – IOM Arts Council Pitch for Funding – This event has been cancelled.

16 February, 6pm – 8pm at The Sayle Gallery – Creative Network Social Evening

21 February – Draw Folks, Fairies & Themselves with Juan Moore at the Manx Museum (ages 8 -16 years)

23 February – Draw Victorious Vikings in Valhalla with Juan Moore at the House of Manannan (ages 8 -16 years)

Have a great week!

Jane x

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Isle of Man Art News – 6 February 2017
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