What a fantastic week of glorious sunshine we have had on the Isle of Man this week – there’s nothing better for the Island than some good weather for our TT guests and great racing. Whilst I know that people are mainly here for the motor sport there are opportunities in between racing and other events where you might be kicking around for something to do, so bearing in mind that bikers come from all walks of life and have many and varied interests (as well as bikes), take a look at the Calendar to see what’s on around and about the Island. There are some great exhibitions on at the Galleries along with opportunities to buy TT related Art souvenirs which can be either taken home or sent home.

Here is this week’s news update. I continue to be in awe of just how many amazingly talented Artists we have here on the Island.

minilogoHuge congratulations this week to local Artist, Stephanie Quayle, who will have her orangutan ‘Man of The Trees’ exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition this year. Stephanie has recently relocated back to the Island from London with her husband, Darren Jackson, and baby son (who is super-cute). I had the pleasure to meet them all earlier this year at a Creative Network event. Her work really is wonderful, often on an impressive scale, and has been exhibited in both group and solo exhibitions in a number of London galleries.

Closer to home, you will no doubt remember the huge Loaghtan Sheep at the Bungalow which sadly died of exposure to the Manx winter weather earlier this year and the absolutely MASSIVE Mannanin sculpture at Mannifest a few years ago. These were also the work of Stephanie and Darren. Darren is an Artist in his own right and is known for his ice sculptures as well as working with metal. You’ll probably be familiar with his work and not realise it – some of which includes a commission for the Southern Show made up of farm metalwork collected from around the island and a giant elk for the Curragh’s wildlife park.


minilogoAlice Quayle posted up this lovely map of Peel which she is doing for the Peel Commissioners and was suggested by Ray Harmer MHK. She says she might ‘polish it up’ a bit more yet but it’s definitely a useful one to share with our visitors this next week. Nice one Alice!

minilogoPhil Kneen, bless him, has had a heck of a week. First of all he had problems with a packet of McVitie’s fruit shortcake biscuits because they had put the opening tab a quarter of the way down the packet instead of where it’s supposed to be, near the top.  He said he was so upset and distressed by this that he had had to eat the whole packet. I totally understand – I mean there’s no sensible way to close it up again if the tab is so far down. You have to eat all of the biscuits above the tab to have any chance at all and then there’s really no point in leaving the rest of them. His next problem was again with biscuits, this time Rich Tea. The tab was in the right place but due to being upset by the change in modus operandi he felt compelled to eat the whole packet again. I’m not so sure about this, however, and suspect it was really an excuse.

His third problem (they say these things come in three’s) is much more of an issue to my mind. Phil posted up a link to his latest blog post ‘Hannah’ to the Manx Photographer’s FB page and clearly indicated that it contained nudity: ***Article contains nudity*** is a big hint – and yet someone reported it to Facebook! I find it quite incredible that someone has done this. Phil’s work really is top class, tastefully done and clearly flagged. You’d have to click on the link and go to Phil’s blog to view the post so to my mind, if you don’t want to see it, don’t click on the link. Simples.  

If you want to see the post you can click here. And if you don’t want to see any nudity, don’t. I’m including a picture of the offending packet of fruit shortcake biscuits to ensure that I avoid censure (although there is a bit of naked biscuit to be seen).



minilogoThe Hodgson Loom Gallery is currently host to the annual TT Fotofinders Photographic Exhibition which delves into the archives of two wheel, 3 wheel and even a few 4 wheel motorsport, spanning over a 100 years. There are also views of the mountain course by Petrina Kent like you’ve never seen before – not unless you’ve been looking in your wing mirror! Plus a different side of the TT, photographs of TT marshals by Martyn Parnell. Here is a little taster of what you can see.



minilogoWelcome to Rosie Wood, who is the latest Artist to list on the Directory. Rosie is waiting for her results as she is one of the third year students graduating from this year’s BA (Hons) Fine Arts Degree course run by UCM (formerly the Isle of Man College). I’ve got everything crossed for you Rosie but I’m sure you won’t need it. Don’t forget to call into The Douglas Market Hall to see Rosie’s work and that of her fellow students, Bryan Moore, Kirsti Penzes and Helen Tate. It’s a great way to spend your lunch hour if you work in an office in Douglas – and it’s free.



minilogoIf you enjoy these news updates, please Share them with your friends and colleagues to help promote our local Artists. Here is a round up of images selected from Social Media this week – Enjoy.



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Have a great week!


Isle of Man Art News – 6 June 2016