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This week I was both delighted and somewhat daunted to be asked to be one of the judges of the Hodgson Loom open art competition. I was determined to do a good job so I went along with some criteria with which to determine my choices – and was very glad indeed that I did as I think I would have been completely overwhelmed otherwise. There are 102 entries across several categories and it took me some hours to complete the task. I had a chat to Julia Smyth, curator at the Gallery, after judging and you can hear the recording here on Soundcloud.

It’s a lovely exhibition and I do encourage you to go and see it as there are some lovely pieces of work. The prize giving ceremony is on 28th January and the show will stay up for another week after that to give people a chance to see who the winners are.


After his hugely successful exhibition at the Manx Museum, Roger Dean is off to Singapore to exhibit a few of his pieces at the Singapore Contemporary Art show which is on from January 19th to the 22nd. If you’re not planning on going to Singapore yourself in the next 10 days or so, you can still see some of Roger’s work at The Sayle Gallery where there are a few of his pieces including some limited edition prints, his books and some sets of mini art prints which include the Artist’s statement on the back of each which is rather nice. If you’re interested in buying any of Roger’s original work you can contact me: or The Sayle Gallery for more information.

The Sayle Gallery is currently undertaking some refurb work so there isn’t an exhibition on presently in the main gallery. It will re-open later this month with an exhibition by artists Ruth Blindell and Laura Espinosa.


Juan Moore has recently updated his website and the landing page has this great video on it of some of his animation work. I’m embedding it for you here but do go and have a look at the website too because it looks great; it feels lighter and brighter and is visually very pleasing indeed:  Nice one Juan.

Juan will be teaching a couple of drawing classes during February at the Manx Museum and House of Manannan (see below or check the Calendar for details). Tickets are £10 available from the Manx Museum Gallery Shop and the House of Manannan respectively.




Another website that will hopefully be live very soon is that of Adam Berry. Adam has designed a new set of stamps, to be released on 19th Janaury, which are Art Deco style and depict the Island’s towns and villages. The collection – ‘The Hearts of Ellan Vannin – Manx Towns and Villages’ features two special Europa stamps. I can’t wait for these to come out – they tick all my boxes – I love Adam’s work and Art Deco and it’s showing the world what great Artists we have here. 

I have a couple of Pinterest boards dedicated to Art Deco so if you like the style too you’re very welcome to have a look. One is Art Deco Images and the other is more general Art Deco furniture, lamps, decor and that kind of thing. I haven’t saved anything to them for a while but looking at them afresh I might well resume that wee hobby. Another favourite board of mine is the Staircases and Ballustrades one – I think that’s a bit of a fetish judging by how much I’ve pinned to that one….!


I’ve put together another short survey on SurveyMonkey about the exhibitions that were held on the Island last year. It’s just 8 questions long and will take around 5 minutes to complete. I plan to do a specific blog post on the results of this survey and the one I did a few weeks ago so if you could please take a few minutes to do this I’d be very grateful (and interested to see the results). If you didn’t do the first one that is still open so you can still respond to that if you would like to HERE.


Alice Fayle has launched her first Manx Colouring book! It features twelve of her hand-drawn illustrations of the Isle of Man and you can inbox her to order for £5. They’ll soon to be available to buy online too.


Jimmy Duggan finished his latest commission at 3am the other morning – I’ll bet his eyes didn’t look quite so bright at that time of day! Jimmy will be having a solo exhibition at The Isle Gallery this spring which will be one to pop in the diary (but don’t worry – I’ll keep you posted).



 B43D posted up that there is a SECOND graphic novel due to be released soon, ‘A Cruel Wonderland’. Wow – hot on the heels of ‘A World Apart’ these guys don’t hang around!


Dates for your Diary


On now to the beginning of February – Hodgson Loom Open Art Competition show 

9 January – 24 February – Bob Hitchin’s Digi-rama at the Erin Arts Centre

20 January – 19 February – Ruth Blindell and Laura Espinosa at The Sayle Gallery

4 February – Manx Landscapes and Seascapes at The Isle Gallery (Group Show)

9 February – Noa Bakehouse at 6pm – IOM Arts Council Pitch for Funding

21 February – Draw Folks, Fairies & Themselves with Juan Moore at the Manx Museum (ages 8 -16 years)

23 February – Draw Victorious Vikings in Valhalla with Juan Moore at the House of Manannan (ages 8 -16 years) 


Here’s this week’s round up of images from Social Media. Enjoy.



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Isle of Man Art News – 9 January 2017

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