Happy Christmas! As another year draws to a close I just want to say a very big thank you to everyone who has continued to follow the news and support the Directory throughout 2018. Your enthusiasm and encouragement keeps me going. As you know, the news posts are now every other week instead of every week due to my commitments elsewhere, but so long as there is value in writing these blogs I intend to continue, even if it is a bit more sporadic.

Going into 2019 I am hopeful that I can do even more to support the Arts on the Island and have some plans afoot. The Engine House I aim to make a venue for the Arts, with my new Artist Memberhip which I will explain in a minute, and as a gallery type environment for exhibitions. 

The current exhbition at The Engine House is a joint show with work by students from Georgia College and locally UCM –  the information regarding the work is below. The unframed prints are for sale. The woodblock paper prints are £75 each and there is a massive bat print which is just £150. They are printed on Japanese rice paper so it is archival quality. The other prints are only for sale unframed and are £50 each; the fish for £60 and the whale (the only one with frame) for £90. Please feel free to call into The Engine House weekdays between 11am and 3pm to view. The show is up until 14th January and we will be open 27th and 28th December if you want to have a look over the Christmas period.

Large Format Woodcuts:
Print or Treat Event:

Over the course of the Fall 2018 – Spring 2019 Adv. Printmaking in collaboration with BIG INK Inc. produced a series of large format prints.  The work displayed was produced by hand over the fall term to help support our scholarship efforts at Georgia College & State University.  We are please to present this work as part of our ongoing exchange project with UCM & Colette Davies and her amazing students in the department of art.  Work from UCM will be display next spring at Ennis Hall. 

Student Exhibitors USA:

Lauren Spillman, Cheyenne Ballview, Emma Bernardez, Sarah Flanders, Olivia Grube, Haley  Janes, Alyssa McCarley, Niko Moran, Megan Pelli, Ansel Moore, Evan Justus, Erica Gay, Callie Waters.

The UCM students have undertaken printmaking experimentation in linocut, collagraph and dry point engraving. The students are from the Extended Diploma in Art and design and the Foundation Art and Design courses.

Student Exhibitors IOM:

Hannah Clinton, Kipenzi Thomas, Millie Clarke, Erin Renard, Erin Lillie. Amy Cookson, Megan Kermode, Steve Chell, Amber Baker, 

Matthew Forrest – USA
Colette Davies – IOM

As mentioned above, I’m rolling out a new ‘Artist Membership’ at The Engine House. For just £15 per month you will become a member and be able to use The Engine House 2 days of your choice during the week from 8.30am to 5.00pm and on a Saturday from 10.30am to 3.00pm. Members can bring in up to 2 guests by just signing them into the visitors’ book and more than 2 guests by arrangement.

This will enable you to have somewhere where you can hang and show your work to prospective clients. Saying to them ‘Meet me at The Engine House, I’m a member there’ I think sounds a lot more professional than ‘I’ll meet you in X Coffee Shop’ and gives you an option to keep your home private. You will also be able to display a small selection of your work which we can sell for you at a low commission rate.

It is also a place for artists to meet, talk about projects and collaborations and, importantly, get new work and commissions by networking with the other members based there working in different professions who may need your skills.

We have loads of facilities (scanning and printing up to A3 size, WiFi, meeting rooms, conferencing facilities, confidential shredding, postal options, stationery and space for workshops). If you’d like to have a look around I will be very happy to show you the buiding, talk you through how the membership works and answer any questions you might have. Please just message me or drop me an email : jane@eng.im to arrange a visit.

Anna Clucas at the IOM Art Society’s Clay Club

Continuing with the Membership theme, the IOM Art Society is open to anyone interested in art; from painting and drawing to ceramics. Clay Club is run twice a month. New members, whether novices or experienced artists, are always welcome. The Society meets most days, when members get together to work on their various projects in the company of friends.

Membership costs £30 per year and members are eligible to exhibit their work in the Society’s prestigious Annual Exhibition.

Anyone interested in joining should contact the Membership Secretary, Linda Gilpin by email gilpinfamily@manx.net. Membership application forms can be found on the website: https://iomartsoc.files.wordpress.com/…/art-soc… and standing order forms at https://iomartsoc.files.wordpress.com/…/standing-order…

For further information contact:
The Secretary Diane Moore on tel 07624 402830 or Erica Kermode on 07624 497846 or email isleofmanartsociety@manx.net.

Meetings are held at the Society’s HQ at Thie Ellyn, off Withington Road, Douglas. IM2 3BF

Monday afternoon 1pm – 4pm
Tuesday Evening 7pm – 9pm
Wednesday 10am – 4pm
Thursday evening 7pm – 9pm (Sept – March)

Pottery classes are held on the second and last Thursday of each month 7-9pm.

Non members are welcome to come along as guests for one or two events, after which they will be asked to join the Society.

I popped into The Hodgson Loom Gallery on Saturday to see the entries into this year’s Open Art Competition with the theme of ‘Light’. There is some fabulous work on display and a very big ‘well done’ to Julia for her excellent curation of the work and actually managing to fit it all in. I’m extremely glad I’m not judging this as I think I’d need to set up camp!

The Kindle edition of Graham Hamer’s new book, ‘Travellers‘ is now available to download for the very affordable price of £2.99 from Amazon if you need an emergency stocking filler. The cover is once again by Graham’s friend and talented artist, Bruno Cavellec. Here’s the synopsis (or the ‘blurb’ as Graham calls it):

While excavating for a new sewage treatment plant, Jimmy Quayle discovers a large, curved object buried in the rock. It looks like plastic, but it wasn’t buried intentionally; it had lain there while the sediments had formed into rock around it, nearly 400 million years ago. Not only that, the object emits a strange ‘dark light’ during the day, and glows red at night.

‘The Pod’ as the object becomes known, draws crowds from around the world. To the media, it is anything from an atomic bomb planted by Russia to the gathering of armies for the end of times battle between good and evil. Detective Chief Inspector Angus Slooth is charged with crowd control at the dig. To him, the pod is a pain in the chest, and one that will prove his downfall.

Meanwhile, Sparky, the life-partner of DI Sarah Flemons, is tasked with protecting the most obnoxious young lady he has ever had the misfortune to meet. But there’s more to Jo Kennaugh than meets the eye. A lot more – as Sparky soon discovers – and it will eventually threaten both their lives.

While naked Wiccans run amok in the ancient Viking castle, and while Elvis and Ozzie are picking fights with the wrong people, DI Sarah Flemons knows something that she’s not prepared to share. Not even with her best friend, Penny Chakyar. It’s too important for sharing. Except, maybe, with a chosen few who are already bearers.

Congratulations to Anya Jackson who studied at QEII and was artist in residence at Henry Bloom Noble Primary School. Her work features on a set of mugs that is available from John Lewis – search ‘East End Prints’. Aren’t they gorgeous? They will certainly brighten up the crockery cupboard….. Have I still got time to say ‘Dear Santa….’?

Preen goes from strength to strength. Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi (who are orginally from the Island) were featured in Vogue this month with their pre-fall 2019 line – you can see more by following this link. Author Luke Leitch says ‘Arranged together, these ingredients made for a fresh-feeling remix of the interesting ease these designers are so adept at expressing in clothing.’ and ‘This was a Preen Line collection whose apparently ad hoc improvisation and twist belied the long-honed compositional mastery behind it.’ 

I had a very nice email the other day from Michal Smiglowski who was interested in having a listing on the Directory. I thought his work was lovely but unfortunately Michal doesn’t fit the criteria in that he has no link to the island other than that he loves it. He visited several times when he lived in England but he now lives in York, Maine.

All of the artists I list have either been born on the Island, were educated here or have some other strong family link such as grandparents who live here.

I thought his portraits warranted sharing though so here are a couple of them. Can anyone put a name to the Peel Lifeboat man? He looks somehow familiar.

Felicity Wood shared this festive pic. She said that it’s always nice to receive Christmas cards from friends you haven’t heard from for a while – and even better when it’s one of your own – a design of hers from 2012.

Artists are being invited to submit designs to feature on gateway bollards as part of the Douglas Promenade Refurbishment scheme.

The bollards will indicate the entrance points to the low traffic speed area, at the southern end of Loch Promenade and the northern end of Harris Promenade.

Made of granite, they will be 1.4 metres tall and have an embossed Celtic Knot design on the top. Each of the four bollards will feature two side panels, 20cm wide and 80cm tall, which will carry the winning designs.

The artist’s brief can be obtained by clicking this link Artist Brief

Designs should be submitted no later than 2 January 2019 to the MyProm office on the ground floor, Sea Terminal, Douglas.

For an informal discussion regarding the design competition, contact Jane Corkill at the Arts Council by emailing jane.corkill@gov.im or by calling 694598. 

Here’s this week’s round up of images from Social Media.

That’s it for this week. Do remember you can subscribe to the news to get it delivered to your inbox. Just fill in the form in the sidebar.

Have a fantastic Christmas and see you in the New Year!

Jane x

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Isle of Man Art News – Christmas Eve 2018
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