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John Caley

After qualifying, John moved to Sweden to take up his first media job in the Design Studio of Dana advertising agency in Borås, Sweden. There he gradually built a steady flow of private illustration and photography work and was eventually able to become a full-time freelancer.

During those years John became a versatile artist. His work required him to master a broad range of illustration styles and mediums’ both traditional and digital. He became a lecturer on the media courses of several Swedish colleges and later at the Isle of Man College.

John enjoys his commercial work and commissions for the creative challenges and discipline working to brief can present, but when he has time to spare he loves to put on his artist hat and enjoy the freedom of painting. Having exhibited regularly in Sweden, John has now begun to exhibit in the Isle of Man.

The keen interest John developed in the people, history, culture and heritage of the Island during the 11 years spent as photographer for Manx National Heritage has influenced his choice of subject and he likes to think, added a local flavour to his work.

John sees himself as an all-rounder, his personal work allowing him the freedom to express the quiet feelings and emotions he experiences whilst out wandering with camera and sketch book along the northern lanes and tracks where he lives.

Of all mediums, John derives most satisfaction from watercolour painting and has run successful watercolour painting courses on the Island for many years. Watercolour painting suits his approach whether it be tight and careful or quick and loose, working the colour around to see where it can take you. Ideal for the wonderful subjects around the Island that lift and inspire him, beauty and moods in nature, flora and fauna, people and portraits, nostalgia in ruined buildings and rusty machinery. These are the things that John loves to paint.

It’s the pleasure of releasing a loaded brush onto paper that that John enjoys so much and he hopes this shows in his work, ”but that is for others determine”.

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