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Julie was born in the Isle of Man in 1962 and went to the University of Reading in 1980 to study for her BA Hons in Fine Art. She lives in Milford on Sea on the south coast of England where her daily walks along the cliffs and beaches inspire her work. Her regular visits to the Island are for work and holidays.
Julie exhibits widely in the UK and is represented by several prestigious Galleries. She has received numerous awards for her work from the Royal Watercolour Society, London and the Discerning Eye, London and been selected for exhibitions by the late Brian Sewell. Julie’s  work is inspired by the landscape and nature but she will always paint an alternative rather than an actual view. Her paintings are made in a series where she works intuitively by building subtle layers of paint and texture.
Alongside working from her studio Julie has participated in several Artists Residencies and Art Projects at Gilbert Whites House, the Museum of Farnham and at the Observatory, Lymington, Hampshire She is inspired by new environments which brings a freshness to her work and also enjoys the interaction with the public she meets.
Julie has been a freelance writer for the Artist magazine since 1999 and has written many successful Art books.
Further information about Julie’s work  can be found on her website.