Juliet Petrarulo

I have a studio at Grenaby where I paint which I open to the public Friday and Saturday afternoons.  I gained a Degree of Bachelor of Arts with Honours, Class 1 in Fine Art.  I had a commission for 9 paintings at the Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre and I have made a children’s book called ‘Adventures at Sea’ which a friend who is a teacher in Italy uses to read in her classes.   
I  recently sold 2 paintings which are going to be homed in Germany, I get excited by my paintings leaving the Island and going on their own adventure.  My work is colourful and inspired by childhood memories and nature.  I started painting as a child on roles of wallpaper, I am consciously sketching every day or noticing small things for example; patterns and colour on a bumble bee or the reflections on a pebble.