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Karl Garrett

Karl Garrett – BA (Hons) Fine Art  –  Born in Peel, Isle of Man, 1961.

I studied for my BA (Hons) Fine Art at Isle of Man College and Liverpool John Moores University under the guidance of Ian Coulson whose encouragement to “think outside the box” enabled me to push my own personal artistic boundaries and to embrace all forms of art and every type of media.

My preferred medium is to work with heavy textured gels and acrylics.

My dyslexia is a major frustration and multi-tasking is difficult; however, I have pushed myself to overcome these negative feelings.  The challenge of having to resolve problems as I encounter them has developed my confidence and self-belief in my artistic ability.  Most of all, however, I hope what I have achieved, notwithstanding my disability, will give confidence to others who are similarly challenged.

Reading and writing is not my forte, so I find painting or creating what I like to call “sculptured paintings” a great way to express myself.  I love texture and movement and each piece of my work is unique in itself, as each piece has a different feeling or mood that comes from my inner most thoughts, often generated by ideas which explode into my imagination!