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Karolina Pawlowska Art


Karolina Pawlowska

I come from Poland and moved to Isle of Man in 2014. I’m an entirely self-taught artist. I’ve been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember. Painting and drawing were always very important to me. I used to draw everywhere – all my school notepads, books, tables, chairs and even walls were covered in my artwork. I can’t imagine myself without art! It always comes straight from my heart. Through my art I want to show how beautiful and colorful life can be. Nowadays people are so tired, brainwashed by all the social media and TV programmes. They are running somewhere in a rat race but they don’t really know where they are going. They are surrounded by fears and don’t believe in themselves. I want them to stop. Even for a second. I want people to see colors, to see nature, to see hope and love through my art. It’s a little metaphor to my life as well. I have come a long way to finally understand how wonderful life is. It hasn’t always been good but you build your own life and sometimes you need to be brave enough to take a risk to make your world a better place and to make others happy. And that’s what I want to say in my artworks.

I use watercolors, watercolor pencils, acrylics and markers. I mix all techniques and I’m always happy to try something new. My older artworks are displayed in The Waffle Lounge in Douglas. I took part in Art Trial in Castletown during the Art Festival 2017 and from time to time I have stalls were I sell posters of my artworks. I accept commissions and soon I will have much more to show!