Carola Colley – Knock Y Dhooney

Knock y Dhooney

The landscape opens to plein air, the hills,
the white dotted sheep, the stretch of the sea
flowing in bands of aqua and foam, the ghost-boat
chasing a fleeing eidolon, the rocks sequinned
with specks of light and shade, stroked in mint,
brown, grey and silver.  In the valley, an evergreen
gorse flowers in speckled yellow.  The tall,
cloaked man on the distant hill sings to the winds,
while the fields harvest in a riot of  green shimmer:
thyme, sage and marsh whispers.  You slice
the bones of time with metaphors of sharp colour.
An invading sky looms over my thoughts,
an empyrean realm dictating  divine decree
to my temporal state.  My exiled verse takes wing
with the clouds, mapping your palette.

Poetry © Usha Kishore

Knock Y Dhooney (translated as “Hill of the Fort” from Manx Gaelic) –  is a stretch of farmland in Andreas.  Knock Y Dhooney is the Viking burial site of Athacan the Smith.

 Poems from On Manannan’s Isle – © Usha Kishore
Painting – © Carola Colley

Knock Y Dhooney
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